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Universal charging systems for photographic gear

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Universal charging systems for photographic gear

Unread postby wildebeeste » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:50 am

My husband and I were in Kruger recently, concentrating on photography. Our biggest problem that we had was the recharging of all of our battery powered devices - our 4 cameras, laptop, mobile phone and 2 photostorage devices. The recharging was not a problem, because we had taken a few adapter plugs with us from Australia, but the weight and space requirements of multiple recharging devices were certainly a major problem.

These took up a lot of our aircraft luggage space and weight, particularly because my husband insisted on taking all of them with him into the aircraft cabin in case our other luggage was lost. We looked into universal charging systems but these seemed to be very complex and almost as large as the sum of all of our chargers.
Have you any suggestions?

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Re: Universal charging systems for photographic gear

Unread postby Josh of the Bushveld » Thu Jun 02, 2011 7:25 am

I have the same problem wildebeeste.
I find it really frustrating that the camera manufacturers (at least Nikon) have a differenct charger for each battery model when they take the same electrical input.
I had need to borrow a generic charger from a friend, which has inter-changeable 'caddies' for different models. I will try find the manufacturer for you, it might ease the load.
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Re: Universal charging systems for photographic gear

Unread postby AndyM » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:26 pm

Hi wildebeeste,

I also feel your pain with regard to chargers and all the other paraphernalia the we have to cart around these days.

I'm also heading from Australia to Kgalagadi, Kruger and doing a Gorilla trek in Aug/Sept, this time I'm also taking my Canon 600mm lens, I think 9/10ths of the gear I'm taking this time is camera/video/laptop/torches etc and probably 1/10 clothes and other stuff.

Unfortunately I don't think theres and easy answer as far as universal charging goes although you can economise a bit on power leads as with most of my chargers the lead is the same, so I only need one lead, and swap them between chargers.

Hope you had a great time at KNP, cant wait for my trip !!

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Re: Universal charging systems for photographic gear

Unread postby FlorisCathy » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:51 pm

Hi Wildebeeste and others,

We also use a lot of electronical devices and we take it all into the plain cabin. Just like you told, your husband also want that. Never change anything about that. You don't want to loose your devices. Unless we never lost our suitcases, the risk when you have a transfer is a lot bigger.

Then the problem to reduce the weight of the rechargers. We have a hybrid sony camera, which we lend out to a friend of us in SA right now. The recharger he used isn't an original and now the camera isn't working anymore (it says, wrong battery). I have also had it with my phone. When charging it with an universal adapter, the battery life got worse.

So, we always take the original adapters / rechargers with us and put up with weight.
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Re: Universal charging systems for photographic gear

Unread postby UKbadger » Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:51 pm

We do a compromise by taking car chargers, [light weight], for nearly everything, in the hand baggage and a light adapter lead with 4 uk plug sockets plus the heavy transformers and leads in the hold bags.

The trick is to have a fully working and self-sufficient kit in your hand baggage just in case, even if it is not the most convenient.

The DELKIN system works very well for us as the hand baggage part as it has mains and car plugs. It has lots of very light adapter plates for all the common cam bats and will charge two bats at once.

If you must take mains cables make sure that they have light weight plugs on them. Or even make up a multi lead with only one plug on it.

Just remember, if disaster strikes it’s much easier to buy some more clothes than to get chargers for your cameras!!

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