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1Yusuf's Short but sweet (Kruger National Park). June 2013.

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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1Yusuf's Short but sweet (Kruger National Park). June 2013.

Unread post by 1Yusuf » Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:57 am

Normally when we go to the Kruger National Park it’s for a week but this year’s June trip was an exception. We got bookings at the last second for 3 nights in Sambonani Resort.

28 June 2013
We left Johannesburg at 10:30am and reached Malelane Gate at 3:00pm. The plan was to do the Malelane area in two hours. We went up the S114 and 3km onto the road we came across a roadblock. We asked somebody what he was seeing and he told us that there is a leopard cub sleeping on the rocks but they can’t see him now. We decided to carry on and come back when we were going out. We then took the S25 and just after the S119 turnoff we got a female leopard sleeping in a tree.
We sat with it for thirty minutes and then while taking a U-turn on the opposite side of the road we got a leopard cub also sleeping in the tree.
Then we drove down the S114 back to the other leopard cub sighting. This time we got the cub sitting on a rock and what look like the mother sleeping under it. (Not sure if it was the mother or another cub).
I think that was the best 2 hours start in the park. Only the drive from Malelane to Hazyview on a Friday night is very long because of the traffic.

29 June
We entered at Phabeni gate and on S65 we got a bride of 14 to 18 lions walking and then sleeping in the bush. This all happen by the S65 waterhole. We got a lot of general game during the morning but no other predators. At 3pm we were on the H4-1 about 10km from Skukuza when we got 6 cheetahs crossing the road. We then decided to go on the Brevo Loop because they were heading that way. By luck we got all six walking there. They walked with us for about 1km and they then went on a hunt. In 20 seconds they caught a impala.( My first KILL). We watch them eat an entire Impala carcase in under 20 minutes. If it was not for some stupid idiot, who got out his car to take a photo those cheetahs they would have sat there the entire night. We then left the park at Paul Kruger Gate

30 June
We once again entered the Phabeni gate and this time we finally got lucky 5km on the road we got 3 Hyena crossing. 2km after the dam my dad saw something in the distance. It was the Phabeni pride of lions walking from the bush to the road. We waited for about 10 minutes for them to cross. We then drove the H4-1 where we got another kill. About 5km from Skukuza we saw lions hunting impala on the other side of the river. All we seen is Impala running and at the back the female pulling a impala down and the male ripping the body open. The lions took the kill under a tree and disappeared. We had breakfast at Nkulu. After that we went to Lower Sabi and used the S128 to head back up. My dad stopped about 4km onto the road to make a phone call. While making the call he saw something cross the road 100m infront of us. We rushed to see. And it was another Leopard. It looked at us and walked into the bush. It crouched and killed a rabbit. The rest of the afternoon was quiet. We decided to go on the S1 and exit by Phabeni and 6km onto the the road we got a leopard in a tree sitting there. We sat with it for some time and exited from Paul Kruger. Before exiting we got Jackal hunting.
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Re: Short but sweet (Kruger National Park)

Unread post by 1Yusuf » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:44 am

In the trip we got the 6 cheetah killing an Impala, a pride of lions also killing an implala and a leoperd killing a Rabbit. So all in all we got 3 kills.

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