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SAF's Pictures and Tales from Many Visits To KNP June '13

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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SAF's Pictures and Tales from Many Visits To KNP June '13

Unread post by SAF » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:16 pm

Hi fellow forum mites :)

We were in KNP 2 weeks ago.
Had a great trip to Kruger.Had some really special sightings!
We were fortunate to have some great cat sightings.

We saw lions on the following roads:
On the S1 between the S4 and the S65(female with a collar calling for her cubs)
Pride of lions on the S65 at the causeway sitting there the whole day.
2 female lions walking and started climbing Rhenosterkoppie from the S112 side, couldn't believe what great climbers they are!
2 Males and 1 female on the S21(magnificent specimens) sitting right next to the road
3 lionesses on the H1-1 on the road close to Klipspringer Koppies in prime condition
Lions on buffalo kill on the S30.Had a great sighting of 2 females with cubs coming back from the river but saw all the cars and went back to the river side.We went over the bridge on the H4-1 and there they were sitting in the shade on the other side of the river probably waiting for all the cars to move off.

Leopards sightings :
We missed so many leopard sightings by like seconds
On the S1 close to Nyamundwa Dam at noon!Walking on the side of the road , on the road , stalking impalas what an amazing sighting!
On the S114 close to H1-1 leopard stalking impalas, so tense and adrenalin pumping It moved off in the thicket and we also moved off.
Leopard at Transport Dam on a sunset drive

My daughter came with me and her first trip without mum.We really had a blast together!She really wanted to see cheetahs from the day we left.After 3 days no luck.The night before she tells me we have to find cheetahs tomorrow morning:)
I said we going to go down the H1-1 towards Pretoriouskop that will be our best bet!Went into Transport Dam and I got a photo of the most unbelievable sunrise, mist above the water and the sun in the background.Anyways no time to waste we have to find cheetahs About 3km from Transport myself and my cousin spotted this cheetah at the same time about 100 meters in walking towards the road.We spotted another one and then the third.Here they come on the road what a sighting.We spent almost an hour with them on and off the road.That was just for my daughter
We then took a U-turn, mission accomplished and now towards Rhenosterkoppies.As we get closer to the S114 from the S112 a ranger tells us a cheetah just made a kill about 5 minutes ago about 200meters from there on the S114
We got there nothing in sight.We waited for about half an hour and there she came out and started eating the impala but very nervous.I suppose she had to be on the lookout as this area is prime leopard and lion country!

So many other special sightings like Saddle Billed Storks, Ground Hornbills, Civets

What a trip!!!

I am finding it difficult to upload pics, if you are interested you can visit my facebook page with all my pics and stories from the past : ... 1744385395
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To see many of my KNP pictures and tales, visit my Facebook page at : ... 1744385395

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