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AndyT's Trip report April 2013 - KNP

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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AndyT's Trip report April 2013 - KNP

Unread post by AndyT » Tue May 14, 2013 3:40 am

High everyone. He is report on my all to short trip in April. A bit late, but having IT issues. for me the highlight was watching the baboon behaviour with the new addition to the troupe. Fantastic. If I get things sorted with the computer I will post some images.

Sightings 2013
April 1
Nyamundwa Dam: 2 rhino on other side of dam, Pied kingfisher and nearby 2 vulchers. Further on: rhino at side of road 4 meters, big traffic jam. While everyone was looking at the rhino, I watched a leopard walk across the road on the other side of the cars, about 100 m from me unfortunately no sign in the bush when we got there.
H1-3 elephant, male, on own 10m from road, eating.
Ntumeni water hole, Hippo, 6+ with at least one calf, one rhino resting under tree, small herd of zebra drinking, lone buffalo.
On H1-3, leopard in tree at 200m +, asleep in shade, large car jam did not stay.
Various giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Usual Wildebeast outside Satara
Very little on the H1-4, too hot early afternoon
Nothing from Olifants bridge, heard Hippo but no sign. Very few vehicles, no one else on the bridge.
April 2nd
Several giraffe grazing by side of S91
S39 Herd of elephant, about 20, looked like teenagers, but with at least 2 babies. No sign of mature females. Part of a bigger herd? About 10 mins moving slowly and eating while crossing over road and heading to river.
Two baboons, large males. Moving down side of road, first one avoiding the other, just after a fight? Lead male had an injury to right forearm, a bite?
Male water buck moving away from river.
Waterbuck: 2 females and 2 young on the Grobler Dam. 
Further on at the bird Hide 5+ black stork and one hippo, 2 young crocs.
Returning on H1-4, after Olifants river crossing, large male elephant moving in determined manner across road to river; Very hot, mid day, looking to cool down. 100m further on slightly smaller male leaving the river, glistening with water and mud.
Afternoon drive: Drove to Letaba on tar road, nothing to be seen. Return from Letaba via S94. Just outside camp 4 Malibu Stork in a tree. Meanwhile behind us was an elephant. Further on crossing the Nhlanganini was a leopard. Only brief sighting as it disappeared into the bush. Good giraffe on the way back.
April 3rd
Troupe of Baboons on the H1-4, about 1km before the bridge. New born baby with mother, born during night? Being greeted by other members of the troupe, they approached and crouched down, almost bowing, and put their heads near the baby, then barked. After that they would groom the new mother. Then the next one would do the same. This appeared to be adult females, males wandered around feeding, while the young played tag. This was one of the best sightings, really privalaged to watch this.
On the S39 a troupe of vervets, playing. Further on at the dam, 2 large crocs next to each other. One further along.
After Timbavati there was a lone elephant grazing about 1 km from the site. 2 other cars drove past and missed it! Another 3km and a herd of 20 about 100m from the road.
On the S12 at the Waterhole, large amount of giraffe close to road, 20+. Some visible in distance. Mixed in with a herd of zebra. One youngster had a large gash in side looked to be healing OK. Brush with a lion, or just careless in the bush? Giraffe appeared to have unusually pale background colour to the spots, or maybe it was just the light.
On the H7, spent time at the Nsemani dam; hippo but mainly watched the birds: Pied Kingfisher, Egyptian Geese, Egyptian Egret, Wooly-necked Stork, ? Stilt, Grey-headed Egret, Ringed Plover.
Afternoon it rained and saw nothing of note on the S100, unfortunately not a good road for me even in good weather. Returning on the tar road saw a pack on hyena around a culvert at the 8km marker. Watched them play for some time.
April 4
Unfortunately the next day was much the same, rain and very little activity.
Stayed at Orpen. Left the park in the morning, and just outside the camp was a pack of wild dogs getting ready to hunt. Much relief as this maintains our 100% on wild dogs, 5 trips. Now I have said that, it's probably the last I'll get to see!
Looking forward to next year!

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