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Mgoddard's Virgin Visit to KTP.... March 2013

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Re: A Virgin Visit to KTP.. I Wonder What Is Waiting For Me

Unread post by Mgoddard » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:08 pm

I was in the car all packed and ready to go at exactly 6:30am. The rest were still getting ready, but with the concern for the tyres and the time limit as I had to be at Upington airport at 12 to return the car I had no choice but to leave the wonderful view from Kieliekrankie :cry:

As mentioned before a very corrugated road, but I think maybe with the low profile tyres and my worry about the tyres it was worse than it actually was. Most of the time my knuckles were white holding the steering and before long, click click passed me on the road. She was going back to where we saw the Cheetah the previous day :cry: no time for me, I had to keep going :cry:

I got to the junction at Auchterlonie and no choice, I had to turn left, it already took me almost 45 minutes to drive the 8km from camp. I found this Tawny Eagle sitting in a tree and decide I will drive as fast as I could on the road and only stop for something I have not seen yet :cry:

IMG_2226 by mgoddard2007, on Flickr

VVSG and SO then passed me and I commented on how the road had become so bad in just over a week, but I think they might have done some work on it and it made it worse for me :cry: Not long after another new sighting for me...A tortoise wanted to cross the road :D

IMG_2237 by mgoddard2007, on Flickr

and then the Black Bellied Bustards, or are they Korhaans?? :cry: :shock: :roll:

A male and then the female.

IMG_2232 by mgoddard2007, on Flickr

IMG_2233 by mgoddard2007, on Flickr

In the meantime click click has also passed me and I found her at the waterhole just inside the gate. Hundreds of Sandgrouse enjoying the water, but unfortunately I did not have a clear view and time was ticking. It was just before 9 and that is the time I had to leave TR to make it to Upington in time

IMG_2244 by mgoddard2007, on Flickr

I arrived at TR petrol station as I had to fill up, check the tires and was shocked that I had 10 cars infront of me. Only 1 attendant and I can understand he had to keep a cool head and remembered who did what and who paid. So we moved at a snails pace one car at a time. It was exactly 9:45 when I was done and could get going, almost 1 hour behind schedule.

I drove at the 80km an hour on the road leading me to the main road and as I got there I set the cruise control to 100. It felt like I was flying after driving at 15 to 30km/h in the park. I became more confident and after about 10km or so jacked it up to 120 :( What a mistake :shock: :roll: I only went about 5km and then the dreaded sound and the car pulling violently to the side :shock: :roll: Another flat tire :cry: :roll: It seems like the plug they put in at TR had come out and it was only me on the road. No click click or VVSG and SO in sight. I pulled off and there I was soul in sight and only 1 and half hours to get to Upington. No signal on my phone :shock: :cry:

A car came pass, but just passed me without looking :cry: After about 15 minutes another car. I waved and thought what is needed, must I lift my skirt so ppl can see my old leg :cry: :redface: Unfortunately where I was parked they had a blind rise infront and luckily the 2nd ppl who came pass had to wait for a place to turn around and it took them about 10 minutes to come back. I was almost in tears...and I thanked them for stopping. The young guy in the car had no idea how to use the jack or actually what to do and I was not much help and with that over the rise came a familiar sight. IT was VVSG!!! They immediately knew it was me and pulled over and with his ribs, he gave instruction to the ppl who stopped to help me and in no time the spare was on and I could get going just as click click arrived. Problem with the spare it said maximum speed 80km/hour and it was a LONG drive back to Upington.

We arrived Upington airport at 2pm, I handed in the car after giving the guy a piece of my mind :evil: and we were on our way to Pretoria. We arrived back just before midnight :roll:

I thank my good friends VVSG and SO and click click for their company, its always nice to spend time in the bush with ppl who are the same as you. I thank the Forum for organizing the cricket as that is why I went. Im hooked and will definately go back to KTP and most of all I thank you all for reading and for your comments. :D :D

With that and until my next report from KTP. Have fun and I wish you awesome sighting where ever you may go.


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Re: A Virgin Visit to KTP.. I Wonder What Is Waiting For Me

Unread post by anne-marie » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:36 pm

Mgoddard wrote:Sorry, wanted to say anne marie, I must then look at the honeymoon tent at KTC for the next time? :D A fan :D :D :D and no neighbors who would need doors on the bathroom :D
but... Martie is... a Honeymoon tent :lol: and you are right no need any door :hmz: maybe except for the Mongoose :lol:

what a stress to retrurn to Upington :shock:
the Bustard is a Northern Black Korhaan :thumbs_up:

thank you to take time to write, post photos, for all of us, it's so marvelous to follow people through the parks, this one particulary for me :k
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