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Andre & Urselab10 Days in Heaven TR Jan'13

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
Andre & Ursela
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Andre & Urselab10 Days in Heaven TR Jan'13

Unread post by Andre & Ursela » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:07 am

Hi All

im finally getting to do my TR after our lovely 10 days in Kruger in December.
Before i start uploading id just like to tell every1 bout my very bad camera luck this holiday.
i have a Canon 500D always been very we got into the park we came across our first animal and my lense starts giving trouble, after fidlling with it for a while it works. onto second sighting the lense starts acting up again urg what bad luck after the 5 sighting the lense does not want to budge at All! LUCKLY i always carry my very small "MUK EN DRUK' nixon with me. well long story short my firts few photos are gonna be good quality and then there after well its gonna be standard due to my bad luck. Did i also mention that my video camera acted up too. oi! well now lets begin.......

Andre & Ursela
Posts: 14
Joined: Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:01 am

Re: 10 Days in Heaven TR

Unread post by Andre & Ursela » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:11 am

We entered tru Malelane gate just after 12 because of our lil apendix scare ( false alarm) but we made it.

We are usually greeted by Impala but they were nowhere to be seen isntead we were greeted by this crew

there after we were greeted by these beautifull ladies

is it just me or does the traffic jams seem to be way bigger in December :doh:
one of the cars actually scared one of the females into the bush cause they tried to park right ontop of them. :naughty:

then finally my fav!!!
Imagehow wonderfull it was to see all the lambs. they are my fav and i can spend hours watching them which can make hubby very annoyed. :lol:
The road up to Skukuza was very quite but it wasnt suprising due to the heat 36 degrees sjoe!

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