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kallis1786's northener search wild dogs in south Aug. '12

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Re: A northener in search of wild dogs in the south

Unread post by kallis1786 » Fri May 10, 2013 12:22 am


Part 2

So will I see the WILD DOGS I have been craving for throughout the Trip, my main purpose for coming to the South was to search for these Elusive Doggies. Will my curse end. Lets find out together everyone.

So we carried on, and the Sun was setting, and my hopes of seeing Wild Dogs were fading away with the Sun, and every Kilometre we drove, I was starting to feel like my time in the Park is coming to an end. I had a lump in my throat, I could not say anything. I wanted to stay for a few more days, why do I have to leave this Paradise. WHY? When will I see such a beautiful Sun Set again.




:( :(


:( :( :(


:( :( :( :(

So I was extremely sad, we were 10 kms from Orpen, 10 Kms of going out of the Gate, I had not seen my WILD DOGS, The only kitty sighting we did have was the distance Lion at the picnic spot near Lower Sabie. We had a magical trip, and everything was coming to an end, nothing was looking bright, and all I wanted to do was cry, because I did not know when will I ever come to this beautiful place ever again. But REMEMBER, you are never out of Kruger until you actually are Out of the Gate.

So the sighting we had, I will not be able to explain in words, I don’t even have great pics because of the bad light such late in the evening, but I will try my level best to explain the entire scene.

We Saw a LEOPARD, running into the bushes, just saw a glimpse of it, and then we heard the Impala panic sound, next thing we know we saw the Leopard running straight out of the bushes, and WHAT chased it was 5 Hyena’s, and they chased the Leopard away, and there was a Black Backed Jackal making a noise, and it was just unbelievable. I only have these 2 really bad pics.



I will post the video of this Sighting sometime over the weekend.

This Sighting bought a huge smile on my face :D , I could not believe my LUCK. It is just unbelievable. Just think we had another night booked in at our hotel near Croc Bridge, and it was paid for the night as well, but we left a day early, we just saw the Leopard running into the bush, a Sec later, and we would not have seen the Leopard and would have driven on. What timing. What a magical trip. What Luck.

I felt soo honoured and Privileged after that sighting. People stay in the Park for weeks and months, yet still don’t see a Leopard sighting, I have seen the Leopard 5 times in 3 Days. Leopard was our last sighting of the day for all 3 days. We saw the Lion twice also having a meal with Hyena’s. We had 6 beautiful Lioness all to ourselves in the South of Kruger during School Holidays. We saw Giraffes drinking water not once but 3 times. It is just unbelievable. A TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

I did not see my WILD DOGS which I was in search for, but I got to see lots of other sightings which is just not possible, it was just magical, it was a MIRACLE trip.

I would like to THANK YOU all for joining this magical journey with me, and to re live every moment of the trip with me even after so many suspenses, and even Long Waits. Thank You soo much everyone. I Loved all of your compliments, and it all of You really did make it special.

I would also like to Apologies for such long delays which I did not intend to at all.

Once again hope you all enjoyed the Trip Report. I have booked Kruger for another 3 day trip from the 21-06 to 23-06. I will be staying in Tamboti and Pretoriuskop.


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