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Wildlife4ever-Roy 47 days of fun July 2012

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Re: 47 days of fun

Unread post by Wildlife4ever-Roy » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:17 pm

Day 44

Today I went to Orpen. It was a good drive with a lot of animals. It started with many giraffes and zebras. After 20 km or so there was even a big male lion almost sleeping on the road. After a 10 minutes or so, there came another lion and lioness. Also this lion laid down next to road, but the lioness decided just to sleep on the middle of the road. So that was a nice experience. On the rest of the road and the way back, didn't happened a lot of special things.
The evening drive was also good. I fond 4 lions in total on S100 road. And, like always, there are a lot animals you can see on that road.
So again it was a beautiful day with some great weather!

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Re: 47 days of fun

Unread post by Wildlife4ever-Roy » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:39 pm

Sorry for the late travel tale, but I was busy :).

The last couple of days in the kruger where great! I didn't saw a lot of special things, but still I enjoyed it. I also meet some other great people.
On one of the days I went on a night drive. The drive started with a hyena with wildebeest horns in his mount. Later we saw some buffalos stalked by a group of lions. Unfortunately nothing special happened, but it was great to see.

Almost every day at Satara I managed to find some lions. So that was of course a great end of the trip. Unfortunately I 'only' saw one sighting of some other cats. It was a leopard that crossed the road and was gone quickly.
On the last day I drove from Satara to crocodile Bridge and than exit the kruger over there. It was a wonderful drive, but again busy with people. I didn't saw any cats, but I did saw a lot of general wildlife. I even saw the biggest buffalo herd that I ever saw. So it a beautiful ending on my trip.
At around 3 I leaved the kruger and drove to the Jo'burg airport to fly home :(.

I can look back on an amazing time. I have seen some great sightings and meet some wonderful people!
Thank you Sanparks, the followers of this trip and the people that I have met.
I can't wait to come back again!

Some statistics:
* During my trip I drove almost 8500 km(including the drive Jo'burg <> kruger).
* I have shot almost 8400 photos.
* on 25 evenings I was at somebody else place(so I have meet a lot of great people). 15 evenings I was eating at the restaurant.
* I haven't seen any of the small cats, except from the civet, Bush baby and small spotted Genet (I don't know if they are cats at all)
* I haven't seen any rare animals, except for the Roan and sable, wild dogs and black Rhino.
* I have seen a lion, hyena, leopard and wild dog with a kill.

My route that I drove can you find here:

For the photos you have wait for some time. First I'm going to Japan for a couple of weeks. So I haven't got enough time to search them out before I'm going to Japan.

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