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Leopardlover1-Our Aug- Sept, 2010 Kruger Trip

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Leopardlover1-Our Aug- Sept, 2010 Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:28 pm

Hi Everyone, for some reason last week passed by so fast, i am still trying to come to terms that i am sitting at my desk today back at work......and how i miss being in Kruger!!!

Our adventure started Saturday the 28th of August, must say first i left CT with a very uneasy heart, my sister was very upset due to a very aweful experience, and since i am the eldest i was worried sick, but at least she is okey now!

Well we took the 8 am flight out of CT, landed in Joburg at 10, and off we went to get our rental car, they allcated us an Renault Logan, what an awful car, the back windows didnt work, the car handling capasity was so %&$, and can you believe the rearview mirror just fel of during our trip....just pathetic, but anyhow so we drove to our friends place in centurion to meet up with them, we saw them last in November so it was just so wonderful seeing each other!we spent a wonderful day together!
On Sunday morning they took us shopping for our trip, and at 11:30 we were on our way to Malelane Gate.................

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:03 pm

Day 1

We arrived at Malelane gate at around 15:30, the drive up was very nice as it was a sunday we didnt have alot of traffic going up.

We stopped on the bridge..........and i couldnt help but smile, smiling so much that i almost got a cramp in my neck because i was just so very happy to be back where most of us want to be everyday!

Checkin went smoothly and then before entering we made bet what we will see first, we decided its not fair on to bet on Impala, so i decided to bet on warthogs and he on Kudu, and the bet was for a icecream :D

We got to Berg and Dal, saw a huge herd of buffalo and elephant as well as impala on our way to camp, we checked in and was allocated bungalow 28, we unpacked at the chalet and decided to go down to the dam before gate closing time, got there and saw a Rhino with her sweet, and then an elephant also decided to come for a drink, this was just one of many time we saw Rhino and Elephant together!

We got back and enjoyed a very nice braai and looking for the bushbaby in the tree.

Must say Berg and Dal's accomodation is always in great condition.

PS: We forgot our camera charger at home, so sorry so unfortunaly i will tried and whoo you with my writing :dance:

Day 2 will follow soon...................

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:46 am

So i am back , posting day 2......, before i continue i would like to just point out, that i still can't believe people drive with their combi doors wide open...we had a combi on our way to berg and dal travelling with their door wide open...could not believe it!!!

So monday morning i was up at 6, went to shower , start packing up because today we were moving to Satara, long day we were very relaxed decided to take a quick walk in the camp and by 8am we were on the road, we decided to take the gravel road (steilberg) to the tar raod to get to Afsaal, on the gravel we did not see much, saw a few nice kudu and impala and warthogs, when we got to the T- Junction we turned left towards Skukuza, and about 3km from there we found 2 Heyena, they must have been pretty busy during the night as they just wanted to sleep, with the opening of an eye every now and then to check us out!

We continued to Afsaal, were we had cofee, rusks and muffins and then decided to go on to Skukuza, now this stretch of road was very burned and it was a slow drive up to Skukuza, we only saw zebra and impala and one Rhino, stopped at Skukuza to buy a few things from the shop and then we set off , we did a few loops, drove into Elephant drinking hole and leeupan dut nothing to be seen!

On the way up we saw lots more general game as well as a few ellis, we stopped at Thokwane and had boerewors rolls for lunch which were quite good and then i went to the bathroom, when i came out there was ellis everywhere, a whole breeding herd with 2 very little ones, it was nice just to stand there and watch pass a few meters from me, so relaxed, so on our way again not much until we got to i think its Makheya pan,well anyway this pan is on the tar road to Satara, and there we found a few lions under the shade of a tree, but it was a bit far, so we had to use the binocs, but we had some lions....yeah, they were doing what lions do best and before long we decided to move on!

We got to Satara at about 4pm, was a long day!so we checked in and decided to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon just relaxing at the Chalet, now i must say we got bungalow G173 against the perimeter, but furtherest away, bungalow 169 is very nice!it was very humid and warm at Satara, and for some reason we had very noisy neighbours!

We had a nice meal of steak, braai broodjies and fruit and then i went to shower and get ready for bed, i put on my pajamas , went outside to finish my glass of wine and then i spotted our fence friends , there were about 10 of them, so they came and lie down next to the fence we had a chat with the one couple at the other side of our chalet and then we were off to bed....................

Day 3 to follow soon..........

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:42 am

Day 3

This morning i woke up early, went ouside and put the kettle on, their is just nothing like a morning in Kruger, watching the sun come up its incredible!so we were on the verandah decideing that we were going to do today when a herd of buffalo cathed my eye, they were on their was to the satara webcam waterhole, so we set off to the fence, we were joined by a wonderful elderly couple at the fence and they told me they were in Kruger for 2 months, how wonderful!!

So we were just standing there appreciating the wonderful morning, drinking our coffee and having a chat when a whole group of monkeys ambushed up, luckily they only made a half circle around us so we could run away, but i must say i was really scared, they show their teeth at you, and they are just not scared in any way!it reminded me of the boyfriend once bitten by a Turkey, and couldn't help but laugh and say he always attracts these situations (you will read more later), seems animals would like to bite

Anyway we decided to drive up to Olifants today, i havent been to the camp in such a long time, and wanted to go check out the renevations etc, so off we went!we did a detour and went to Timbavati for breakfast this morning, it was still early when we got there, we hired a skottle and "liefie"made us a wonderful breakfast!we had a chat to some english tourists and their tour guide, and must say a nice bunch of people!!!on our way to Timbavati we saw Ostiches (alot of them), blue wildebeest, zebras, kudu's, warthogs in general!so we headed back to the main road on to Olifants, we were still driving slowly after a bit of quite time, by that time i thought we were the only ones on the raod, when a male cheetah were standing against the side of the raod looking around, we spent about 10 minutes with him alone before he dissapeared, he seemed to be seriously looking for something and marking territiory, but it was a nice sighting would have been nice if we could have taken foto's because he was so close, on the way to Olifants not much besides the usual cutomers!

At Olifants we bought ourselves icecream and went to sit out the lookout point, its always magical from there, river was very dry and surrounds as well if you looked out from there!

Day 3 to continue....................

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:00 am

Day 3 continue....

We spent about an half hour just sitting on the bench and taking in the view just lovely!

We decided to take the gravel up to Balule and then onto the tar road to Satara, before Balule 3 Hayena in the road , probably looking for food, they passed our car and continued on their way.

Rest of the drive were very quiet back down to Satara, we saw a few waterbuck, wildebeest etc.

We reached camp and decided it's nap time, my boyfriend decided he wants to sit and read outside, well i was trying to get some sleep when i just heard a commotion outside, got up and stood against the door, and saw my boyfriend standing with a very starnge expression on his face, asked what was wrong, he said there was a squirrel on top of our fridge and the doors were locked and he doesnt know how it got i thought...its just a squirrel, and i thought he just kept it open to long and the squirrel got in!but jeez, what an evil squirrel, we tried getting him out and he kept on showing his teeth at us, and we were so afraid he might bite us......he was so little and yet so not afriad of people!so we waited, eventually he left and went and lay on our verandah, like a cat stretched out and keep showing his teeth, little evil squirrel, so we took everything that was on top on the fridge and put it in the bungalow, just for incase!

At 4 pm we decided to go for our afternoon drive, we decided to keep it short, and drive to the dam and then the loop to Girvania dam and back to camp, at the first dam we were greeted by Elephants, baboons, impala, waterback and giraffe, i love to watch giraffe drink, it seems when it is so dry one can just camp out at the waterholes!we proceeded after a while and went to Girvania dam, there we were greeted by a massive herd of baffalo, it was amazing to see them bath in the mud and drinking and playing with each other!soon enough a breeding herd of about 10 ellie's joined them , also playing and making a racket and just enjoying the water, we spent quite a while at the dam!

It was time to head home, we drove slowly and made it back to camp with 5 minutes to spare, we lit the fire, spoke to our new neighbours, i decided i am going to buy chips at the cafeteria before they close at 7 pm, so we had steak, chips and fruit for supper, got to have some fruit too :wink:

My boyfriend went to fetch somemore wood out of our rental car's boot when he shrieked and jumped back onto our verandah and i heard a growling noise, i almost fell of my chair, got such a fright because he isnt a scardy cat, and then i looked down and saw that he almost stepped onto the honey badger, now this little rascal made himself at home at the black bin threw it down and begin to see what there was inside for him, and believe me its not welcome if you get to close, this guy was very aggressive, so there he was lying next to our chalet and the bin between the 2 chalets, there was no way to tried to get any food away from him without being in a battle with this guy!

So i walked around to the other side to get to the car to drive up to the cafeteria, because know i was to afarid to walk alone...... :D

By the time i was back at the chalet there was lots of people around our chalet to pay a visit to our visiting honey bager, he eventually left, and we had a nice meal with wine and was sitting on our stoep just listening to the sounds, i tried spotting the bush baby in the trees above us, saw him jump one time and then i couldn't find him again!

Went to have a shower and then went to bed, funny enough tonight i started feeling a bit sick!!

Tomorrow we go to Lower Sabie ots more to come..............Day 4 to continue

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:28 am

Day- Satara to LS (1 Sept)

I woke up this morning,sick sick sick, i couldn't breath so clogged up everything was, i find it everytime i came from Cape Town inbound i get sick, i think it has something to do with the air, the climate is very humid were in CT we dont have that, so everything felt dry, i struggked sleeping last night because it was so hot, and even though i love KNP i think i will leave the hot summer months to people that have the endurance for it!!! :D

We woke up, started packing up and by 08:00 am we were on the road, it was sad to leave Satara, i have wonderful memories with my family there, and everytime i am there i think of the time my sister lost her phone somewhere in one of the circles, was a mission finding it, and how me and my 2 sisters and my mom and dad always had such a great time in Satara, my dad building the biggest fire for us and taking us to see the Hayenas at the fench.

So on the road we were, there was a Hyundai Tucson in front of us, and boy it this lady really not know how to drive, first she drives fast , then slow, and then we stopped at some giraffes next to the road and the party got out of the car and everyone started taking pic's, first i wanted to tell her she cant drive and cant get out of the car...crazy people, but i just felt to sick!!!instead of heading to LS directly we made a detour to the Doctor in Skukuza, so off we went for our first stop at Thokwane.

On our way we really saw a lot of game, we came by Kamana Dam if i remember correctly and my boyfriend said LION, so there was one big female sitting and looking out and we scanned around her and counted 7 more, they started moving and we followed and they all crossed the road in front of us, and went to lay down next to the raod by a tree on the other side, it was only once we were checking out all the Lions at the tree and we saw 2 little lion cubs, now see they were so small still they must have just joined the pride, to see those little bums walking away was just so cute, so for the next 10 minutes i was feeling better!they were playing with each other and the older lions, and then one by one stood up and walked into the bush and just as they came they dissapeared, so by then i had drank so much water , because if i feel sick i feel super hydrated, so liefie had to make sure we dont waste time and get to Thokwane as soon as possible, so no stopping unless something incredible pops-up!

As we drove on, we saw something walking in the raod, i thought it was a baboon from far away, but when we got closer thought it was a cheetah, but no its a Serval!!!!serval walking in the road, i was super exited, now this was just one of many things jet to come that i was super mad we fotgot the charger!!!!we walked for another minute and we followed at a distance, tried creeping a little bit closer to see its face, he looked around and started off into the long grass, another car came along and they only saw the head and it started dissapearing into the bush!!!!so all in all before we reached Thokwane we saw 4 of the Big 5 and a serval and much more!

Had a quick break at Thokwane , by know i almost could not wait to get to the doctor, just so he ccan give me something and i can start feeling better!!!i said goodbye to Thokwane knowing we will not visit it again before we leave KNP and off we go to Skukuza, on our way there we see lots of Elephant , Giraffes, Kudu's and much more.

Day 4 to be continued...............

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:31 am

Day 4......continued:

So on our way to Skukuza we didnt stop much as by know it felt like my eyes is going to pop out of my

We got to the doctor and they were able to help me right away, he was such a nice person and i wish i was as lucky as him to have wildlife in my garden everyday!totally was :mrgreen: with all the stories he told me!just think it must be amazing life these people have in the bush.

So i an half an hour i was outa there!!!!and we went to have lunch at the food court so i cant start drinking my medicine right afterwards, i had a chicken mayo toasted sandwich and may i say i was yummy, one of the best ones i have had, so well done to Skukuza!!!

While we were sitting there, there were an elderly coulple sitting two tables away from us, and this lady keep on throwing her chips to the birds, and i couldn't help but think what example she is showing to all the younger people around her, i mean she should know it should not be done!!!that was a really dissapointing sight!

So we went to see what was to see on the riverbanks, and we saw 3 buffalo on the sand bank, we started to head for the bathrooms before popping into the shop, when a bird flew right over us, and a big pile of poo landed on my boyfriends look i was still feeling ill but i couldn't help laughing so much, and he pulled a yacky face, so luckily we were heading for the bathrooms already :P , once we popped into the shop to get a few things we were on our way to LS for our Final two nights.............

Day 3 to be continued................

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:16 am

Day 4....continued

So we left Skukuza for the last time, and on to LS we go, this Road never dissapoints, always abundent game to be seen as far as you drive down to LS, and i must say the traffic was not bad!!!

We saw alot of Ellies, Giraffe, herd of Buffalo and lots more on our way, we stopped at Nkulu for a strech and wandered around the site, how i love to sit there in the shade looking over the river!!just peaceful.....

In the car again and off we went , 7km from LS we found a traffic jam, we got there and asked a lady what they are seeing, and she told us there is a kill in the tree but no Leopard, from our angle we could't see the kill, and as it was already 3pm we decided to get to camp and book in, we were rather tired!

Well we booked in got our keys to Riverview Tent nr.21, and boyfriend checked the sightings board and off we went to our tent, so dissapointed when we got there and they we still cleaning, by know it was 15:30, and must say i wasen't a happy chappy!!

We decided to go for a drink on the deck and return a bit later, we passed reception and i went in just telling them its not acceptable, one can only check in at 2pm, so if you have to wait until 4pm its just not on!so she got on the phone and sorted it out.
We enjoyed our drink watching a few ellies eating away in the reeds!

Got to the tent, and i must say 21 has got a nice view, we had a sad bank on the other side and when we got there 2 Giraffe's was drinking in front of our tent....was really nice to see!we unpacked and by 16:45 i told the others lets go find the Leopard....we market the 6-7km distance, but one cannot miss the tree, its against the road and some part of the tree hangs over the road, its has a little bit of gravel under the tree were one can pull from the road!!!

In any case we got there and saw a few cars, stopped on the gravel on the other side of the road, and there right in front of my car the Leopard was lying on the branch, a beautiful male leopard, his kill was moved a bit further up in the tree of were the lady previously explained it was, and there we spent the rest of the afternoon, we had prime spot!!!we were off the road and didnt block anybody's view or traffic!!!!

In the time we were sitting there alot of car's joined, so parked right under the tree, which is something i would never consider now.......... the leopard got very uneasy with all the cars and mostly all the noise from people as well as the diesel bakkies making so much noise(why dont people just switch it off i will never understand).

So it started climbing up and down the tree and from branch to branch, and suddenly the Leopard leaped from one branch to the other and the branch snapped, almost letting the leopard falling to the ground, but luckliy it was fast enough just to make it to the next branch and the snapped branch fell from the tree onto a car's roof!!! :hmz:
This guy was not very happy and drove next time before stopping under a tree think again..... :wink:

So we had a wonderful hour with the Leopard lying stretched out on the branch in front of my car...........we left to go have a wonderful braai at our tent and relax the rest of the night.

Day 5 to continue

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:56 am

Hi Everyone

Just logged on quickly to say i will hopefully continue my report in October, have a very vbusy schedule at work until the 8th of Oct, but i will finish it!!!!!1 :D

Pumbaa, thanks so much for your comment, must say it was a real treat, first time for my boyfriend to see one in the Park, and so close by and such a long time was an absolute bonus!!!

Kamadejo, thanks for your comments, its makes writing the report extra worthwhile!also missing the view from LS tents today, wish i could turn back time!dont know when i will be going back as i am getting married next year, so have to put leave aside for honeymoon!

Xankanka, thats for the reply, i am also loving your trip report, sorry for not commentuing yet, but as soon as i have the time on my hands again i will definately!!!! :popcorn: , looking forward to the rest, yip must say he is animal accident prone, last year we went camping with friends and he got bitten by a Turkey was very funny!

So with that for now, another thanks to all of you, i will be back as soon as i can!!!! :thumbs_up:

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Re: Our Aug- Sept Kruger Trip

Unread post by Leopardlover1 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:28 pm

And i am back, its going to go slow, work is very busy its this time of year but i thought i will continue for now......... to all of you that read and commented thanks so much, and to all of you which reports i didnt even have time to read or comment i hope i will be able to make a plan soon!!!

Were was i ........oh yeah we sat and watched the leopard....pure bliss (how i am missing Kruger right now)

We had a lovely braai that evening, it was the most perfect evening in LS, we decided its time for a glass of wine each and just enjoy the sunset!

We went to bed about 9pm, and i must say the first night you sleep in a LS River TENT, you cannot sleep , i listened to the hippo's , hyenas and Lions the whole night long!

We had to wake up at 5 am because this morning we went on a morning drive, its the first morningdrive i ever did as we always go on night drives!and it was pure bliss, firstly it was the most amazing morning and we had our drive with Patrick, we went all the way down to Crocodile Bridge, and saw such alot of nice sightings, we even saw a porcupine, now listen i never thought those little things can run so fast....jeez, before we reached CB we had seen Ellie's, lots of Rhino, lots of Hyena, general game and 5 Lions near the bridge going to CB.

When we reached CB we had a little break , me and the boyfriend decided a nice cup of coffee will be in order and off we went again!

We took the powerline road and just as you turn off on the road we came to a open space, now there was lions because of the carcass and the hyena's was all over it, was really great to watch and Patrick took us so close!after that we saw alot of game, i think the animals comes here to hide from the busy roads as we saw plenty!
We saw a Rhino on its way to the river marking his territory was great to see!

And before we knew it we were back at LS and when we came to our tent it was already cleaned but we decided to get some 2 hours sleep before our next drive...........

To be continued

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