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Jaxi Dean's encounter with a hyena. KNP, March 2017

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Jaxi Dean's encounter with a hyena. KNP, March 2017

Unread post by jaxidean » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:58 pm

Well I don't write often as you all know I am married to the famous Porridge :)

Since my last individual story ,Kruger National Park has a lot of Fears and scary moments for all of us it may be a Lion or ELEPHANTS or a Leopard my biggest fear has always been a snake it really does not matter what snake ... Jaxi has a phobia...

Since 2009 my first time going into KNP I have had many moments Honey badgers in Tamboti...Elephants in Punda and Shingwedzi.. But what happened to me on the 3rd March 2017 I will never ever forget and I do not have photos to prove unfortunately..

So it was 2017 Cricket Weekend - Porridge and I arrived on 2nd March 2017 put our tent up, relaxed and then waited for our great friend Heksie to arrive ... she eventually arrived and put her tent up and then we all went to the wonderful meet and greet at the Golf Course. We all had a wonderful time and then got back to camp and started relaxing again with Amarulas...Our neighbour who was in a Caravan next to us came and warned us that there was a Hyena in camp... We all thanked him so much for the warning but went to sleep soundly as you do on your first night in the Kruger :)

Next morning Heksie and I did a wonderful morning drive then spent the day relaxing at the cricket (That TR to follow)... After the cricket that day we all went back to camp lit the fire and were all relaxing ... it was about 7h00pm and I said to both Porridge and Heks going to the loo.. and I must say the distance was not far...Grabbed the torch like I usually do and turned the corner and all I saw was this Hyena running straight towards me it was the most frightening experience in my life I just saw and ran back to Porridge and was shaking terribly.. Needless to say both Porridge and Heksie saw the Hyena..

A moment I will never forget my face to face with a Hyena...

In the Kruger I am sure we all have these encounters but for me that is an experience I will never ever forget and I unfortunately do not have any pictures but I do remember now that one has to be aware about more than snakes and spiders etc ;)
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