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How to.. Resize Your Photos With IrfanView

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How to.. Resize Your Photos With IrfanView

Unread post by francoisd » Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:06 am

An easy and uncomplicated way of resizing your images for posting it on the forum.

Step 1
Download the IrfanView program if you do not already have it on your PC. To download just click the link above and choose a download site from the list. Follow the download instructions given

Step 2
Install IrfanView by following the instructions in the setup program

Step 3
The reason behind this step is that sometimes most of us will make a mistake and accidentally overwrite an original photo with an edited one and then we loose the original.

On your PC create a directory called something like "Photos for upload". What you then do is copy photos you want to upload to the Forum from their original location to this folder. Remember to place a copy in this folder and not move the original here.

Step 4
Open the IrfanView program

Step 5
On the File menu choose Open and in the "Look in" drop down list find the directory you created in Step 3. Click on the image you want to modify to highlight it and then click on Open

Step 6
On the menu click Image and then choose Resize/Resample. You can also use the shortcut by pressing Ctrl+R

Step 7
The Resize/Resample image screen will now open.

Have a look at the image below.

First ensure that the tick box to the left of "Preserve aspect ratio" (indicated by an red arrow with 1 next to it) is checked.

Secondly set the maximum width for your new image at 640 x 480 and then click OK. The image will now be resized.

Step 8
From the File menu choose Save As. A screen will open where you can choose the file name. To the right of this screen an additional screen like the one below will open with the title JPEG/GIF save options.

On the slide bar under the JPEG option choose 70, never go higher than 80. (See image below)

In the area marked by the red rectangle you can choose to either show or omit other information regarding your photo that is kept by your camera. In the example below all options are omitted but in most cases these will be marked as default so you will have to choose to omit it. If you however do not know what all these term means just leave it as is.

On the left hand screen in the "Save as type" field at the bottom of the screen choose JPG – JPEG files.

Leave the File name unchanged and click on the Save button.

A screen will pop-up asking you if you want to replace the existing file. Say YES. The old file will now be over written with the new information.


Step 9
After repeating Steps 5 – 8 with all the photos you want to publish to the Forum you can begin uploading the resized photos to your image hosting site.

If for some reason you cannot or are not allowed to download and install programs on the PC you use you can visit one of the sites below for an online image resizing facility

Using IrfanView to do batch conversion/resizing

I was asked to share the following information by a fellow forumite after he followed the instructions above and resized a couple of hundred photos individually.

IrfanView has the ability to resize a large number of photos in one go and this is how you do it.

1. Place copies photos you want to batch resize into one directory. The reason why I advice you work on copies is because it might save some tears in the event that you unintentionally save a conversion or change to an orginal file.

2. Open Irfanview.

3. Click File, Batch Conversion/Rename.

4. On the right hand side under "Look in" choose the directory with photos, mark them all and click the Add button.

5. You can choose the Output Directory where you want the resized photos stored.

6. In the Output Format block you choose if you want to save them as Jpeg, GIF, etc

7. Click the Set Advanced Options button

8. Under resize you have option on size settings. For the forum I choose the Set Long Side To option. Set it to either 600 or 350 so that you stay within the limit set for the forums which you can read here

9. Click OK

10. Make sure that the Tick Box above the Set Advanced Options button is marked.

11. Click the Start button and the program will start the batch conversion.

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