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Binoculars for anti-poaching teams

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Gemma T
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Binoculars for anti-poaching teams

Unread post by Gemma T » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:08 pm

Last time we were in KNP 2 years ago we were told that some of the anti-poaching rangers didn't have their own binoculars for when they were out patrolling. With this in mind we have collected binocs from friends and family and are managing to bring about 8 sets over with us from the UK.

I was wondering if anyone knows the best place where we can hand them over when we arrive next week. Last time we gave a set driectly to a ranger we met at Skukuza in the camp site but I was wondering if there's a better way to do it.
Thanks Gemma
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Re: Binoculars for anti-poaching teams

Unread post by Imberbe » Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:38 pm

Hi all.

In the SANParks Honorary Rangers we have a structured way to ensure that donation a. reach the real need and b. do not land in private hands, but remain the property of SANParks to keep on delivering the service it is intended to deliver. We work with official request lists approved by parks management. These list do include binoculars, requested for certain areas.

I am the contact from the Virtual Region's side for counter poaching and ranger support.

People who want to deliver binoculars are welcome to send them to me. I will then ensure that they get to the point of need and that the donation is properly managed. I am in Pretoria. People can either deliver or post them to me. I will also arrange a drop off point in KNP for those travelling in that direction.

Please PM me if you want to donate binoculars.

PS. Binoculars will not necessarily go to KNP only, but will go to the SANParks park where there is a real need at that time.
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