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Plant: Wild Sesame (Sesamum triphyllum)

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Plant: Wild Sesame (Sesamum triphyllum)

Unread post by Jakkalsbessie » Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:35 pm

A bit more info:

Pedaliaceae: Sesamum triphyllum or Wild Sesame, thunderbolt flower (eng), brandboontjie, bokboontjie, wilde sesaam (Afrikaans)

It has unpleasant scented leaves that are composed of 3 leaflets. Flowers are produced solitary in the axilis of leaves and the flower stalks are each subtended by small black glands, so called extra-floral nectaries, which attracts ants. The upright papery fruit can become up to 300mm long and has a pointed tip.

Medicinally the wild sesame is used as an aphrodisiac (leaves are mixed with milk) or as a remedy against snakebite (the roots burnt and dried, mixed with Vaseline and applied on the snakebite).
The seeds are edible and rich in oil.
They occur in grasslands and savanna in sandy to loamy soils and disturbed places.
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