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Orange River Broken Veld (Augrabies Falls NP)

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Orange River Broken Veld (Augrabies Falls NP)

Unread post by GVIAugrabies » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:01 pm

A client asked what type of plants and trees we have here at Augrabies Falls, but they didn't leave their email address so I can't send this to them directly. :cry: Figured I'd post it here in the hopes that whoever was looking for the info finds it.

Augrabies Falls is right on the cusp between the Kalahari Desert and the Nama Karoo, but we actually have our own special name for the flora here: Orange River Broken Veld. This area is semi-arid with summer rains, and very occasional rains in June/July, and an average rainfall of about 155mm. Summers are extremely hot (average of about 46 degrees celsius during the day, but the nights don't cool down for a long time because the rocks retain so much heat) and winters are comfortable during the day but quite cold at night with an average night temp of about -2 degrees celsius). These circumstances allow various types of flora to thrive here. Our trees include the quiver tree, camelthorn, sweetthorn, Shepard's Tree, Namaqua Fig, and sand olive. For shrubs, we have the butterfly bush, desert broom, euphorbia, Namaqua porkbush, and honey bush. We also have various grasses and flowers including bushman grass. Areas along the river are quite green, but the farther you get away from the river, the fewer the plant species. We also have a lot of rock and almost powdery soil here, so the ground is not completely covered with grass or such, but rather contains clumps of grasses, bushes, and trees.
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