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Incorporation of the "Big Tuskers" thread Information

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Incorporation of the "Big Tuskers" thread Information

Unread post by barryels » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:44 am

@Dear All

The Moderators’ team wishes to shed some light on the way forward by referring ‘mites to Identification Help- Tuskers and what will happen to the “Big Tusker” thread, we deemed it necessary to look at other to environments on the forums as a starting point.

We wish to take the birding environment as an example. We had two threads on the forums namely: “Stiffnecks” and “Birding”. All discussions about birds were done on these two threads which made it very cumbersome to visit.

It was decided during January 2014 to split these two threads into the current three threads, namely: “Birding in SANParks”, “Birding in Southern Africa” and the “Stiffnecks Birding Forum” and ‘mites can now go to a specific environment to discuss and enjoy birding as a whole.

It was decided that all requests of ID-ing of birds will be centralized under the “Birding in Southern Africa” thread. If you visit this thread you will see that there are topics, requesting ID help. During this process discussions take place and an ID is done.

This information is then transferred to a specific topic for that bird and can be visited by ‘mites in future as reference. You will also find a Bird Index on that forum that takes you directly to the bird you need information about.

If you take the “Big Tusker” thread on the other hand, discussions and postings of tuskers is spread over 203 pages that makes it impossible for ‘mites to read anything about a specific tusker.

As in the instance with the birding environment the decision was made to do the same with the tusker environment.

A specific topic “Identification Help – Tuskers” is established for requests for tuskers to be identified.
Discussions can take place and when the ID-ing is done, this information will be transferred to a specific topic that will be opened for each named tusker.

An index will also be created for easy reference when information is needed on a specific tusker.

Each individual tusker topic can then be updated with information in future and is readily available at all times.

The current information of named tuskers on the "Big Tusker" thread will be transferred to each individual tusker topic for easy access.

In addition to the above process, it will also be possible to update each tusker with new information as it is in the instances with birds.
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