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Unread post by RosemaryH » Thu Dec 30, 2004 9:09 pm

Emerging Tusker - N’watindlopfu


Photo by Tara-Lynn Svensson

Origin of Name: N’watindlopfu spruit in the Kruger National Park meaning ‘spruit of the elephants’ in Tsonga and refers to the historical site where in 1987 a striking and relatively well preserved panel of rock paintings depicting a group of four elephants on a small granite koppie alongside this spruit was found. The is reference to the proof of the early existence of elephants in the Kruger National Park and therefore links to the great discover that was this bulls sudden appearance as a large tusker.

Special Features: Small u&v-shaped notches in the right ear throughout the lobe. A larger u & v-shaped nick is present in the upper part of the same lobe. The left lobe has more distinct markings and when fully open an inverted wide u-shape is visible in the middle of the lobe. In the lower level of the lobe small u&v-shaped notches are visible. N’watindlopfu has a very slightly thickened area of skin on the upper and middle regions of his trunk. There is a small elongated growth on the upper front thigh that is visible from his left side. His ivory is what would be referred to as the typical Kruger shape with one tusk long and straighter then a slightly shorter more curved tusk curving at different levels. In his case the right tusk is the straighter and shows indication of an old chip off the tip.

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