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S28 - Leopard killed a Cheetah!!!

Discuss activities available in the Kruger National Park, and follow all the sighting reports.
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S28 - Leopard killed a Cheetah!!!

Unread post by shortcourse » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:31 pm

Last night the cheetahs thrashed the leopards in the Currie Cup - quite ironic when there is a dead cheetah in a tree approx. 4 km down the s28 coming from Croc Bridge at the moment!!!
The cheetah caught an impala which it managed to kill.
Unfortunately, a leopard then pounced on the unsuspecting cheetah and killed it, dragging both the cheetah and the impala to a fork in a tree for future enjoyment.
Quite an amazing sight and very viewable from the road - yesterday afternoon the impala was finished although the leopard had not quite got around to finishing off the cheetah.
Just before we left at 5.10pm last night, there was also a white rhino and her baby which wandered straight underneath the leopard in the tree, just to make you that bit more jealous!!!

Oh, and by the by we also saw a caracal and a honey badger walking side by side near Pretoriuskop yesterday... :dance:

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Re: S28 - Leopard killed a Cheetah!!!

Unread post by Donny » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:05 pm

Hi Guys,

I happened to be there and have a few pics. Really an unusual and shocking sighting but one that has me in awe nonetheless.

Wil post pics shortly in conjunction with Spotter786. Other forumites at the sighting were Sharifa & Duke as well as Jo.

We all concur with Shortcourse's sighting.
Need to get there soon !!!

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Re: S28 - Leopard killed a Cheetah!!!

Unread post by shortcourse » Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:38 am

What - don't you guys normally see this stuff on your trips?!!! :tongue: As promised, herewith the leopard and cheetah shot.


You will have to wait for my trip report for the caracal and honey badger shots, although those buggers sure do move quickly!!! Oh, just by the by and just to make you even more jealous, we had four honey badger sightings on the trip and also saw a honey badger being eaten by hyenas....

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The leopard that killed the cheetah that killed the impala

Unread post by jeffgordon » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:16 pm

In August 2009 some very, very lucky Kruger visitors witnessed a quite extraordinary sight: a cheetah killed an impala before a leopard came along and killed the cheetah and dragged it and the dead impala up a tree.

Forum member Lobotes has some amazing pictures of the aftermath here: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=37300&p=900245#p900245

I was wondering if anyone on the forum was there to witness this amazing sighting and whether they can shed anymore light on it?

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Re: The leopard that killed the cheetah that killed the impa

Unread post by Kamadejo » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:47 pm

Here is a link

and Richprins posted this:

Richprins wrote:Here's today's article in our local paper - The Lowvelder:

Written by Mark Kinnear - Thursday, 24 September 2009 16:37
NELSPRUIT - It’s an African story older than the baobab trees, older than the river which carved out the Blyde River Canyon, as old as Mother Africa herself.
Survival of the fittest, of the strongest, happens thousands of times every day in the Kruger National Park.
It is only once or twice in a lifetime that human visitors to the park get to witness the law of the wild to the extent that it recently happened .
The impala’s story
I was near the S28 a few kilometres north of Crocodile Bridge Camp, doing what we impala do - grazing and staring at the passing vehicles of domestic tourists and the camera lenses of foreign tourists.
A few family members were with me.
It was afternoon and a cool breeze blew through the newly sprouted green grass.
I bent down to eat.
Suddenly the emergency shout came - run, danger!
We all bolted.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cheetah.
I knew I could not outrun the fastest land mammal and as I saw my family escaping to safety I felt the sharp claws dig into me.
The incisors ripped into my neck I could feel the life being squeezed out of me.
It went dark and I felt no more pain.
The cheetah’s story
It had been a few days since I had eaten.
The previous day’s hunting had been unsuccessful.
But my luck was about to change.
As a safari vehicle full of foreign tourists spotted me and the camera shutters started clicking, I saw it, a small herd of impala.
The wind was blowing towards me and I crouched and slowly started to stalk.
In a second I accelerated to maximum speed.
She never had a chance.
The kill was quick.
I was ravenous and her carcass was still warm, as I started tearing flesh from the rump.
As I said, my luck had changed.
I felt extremely satisfied.
The leopard’s story
As I hid in the grass from the tourists on a safari vehicle, I scowled.
Where would my next meal come from?
Then, as if Mother Nature herself had answered my question, I heard a commotion a few hundred metres away.
I approached quietly and a few minutes later saw a cheetah eating an impala.
I could hear her purring with pleasure as she chewed the best and tastiest meat from the rump.
My mouth watered.
I knew it would be a fight to the death, but I had the advantage of surprise as her mind was on her meal.
I executed the attack perfectly.
I saw the terror in her eyes as I placed my mouth over her neck and part of her head.
She struggled and I pressed my jaws together and it was over.
Her blood was as sweet as my victory.
I dragged the impala into a nearby tree and placed her gently on a branch.
Then I did the same with the cheetah.
I did not want to lose either of them to those pesky hyenas or a lion.
As I rested my tired muscles I looked at the two enemies lying next to each other on the same tree branch - united in death.
Some distance away vehicles gathered.
The humans were chattering in high-pitched tones and seemed excited about something.
I felt strong, no, I felt the strongest.
The leopard that caught the cheetah that caught the impala.
This was the amazing sequence of events that was recently witnessed by tourists on an afternoon game drive in the southern Kruger National Park.
Later more vehicles arrived at the scene and were fortunate enough to see the two carcasses hanging in a fever tree.
According to Raymond Travers, media relations practitioner of the Kruger National Park, this kill was unusual, but not unexpected, as a leopard is an opportunistic hunter. "The rangers and scientists I have spoken to, all say this is a rare occurrence," said Travers.
Brian Gardiner, a tourist from Belize in Central America, arrived at the double kill after his safari vehicle’s guide had been tipped off by a fellow guide. "We were all absolutely amazed, and in my 20 years of being involved with the safari industry in east and southern Africa, I have only once heard of a similar occurrence, but never where the host carnivore and its prey had both been harvested as food," he said.
"On our arrival at the sighting, the leopard was briefly seen under a low bush in the vicinity of the fever tree, but as it was still light it moved away.
We could clearly see the impala that was placed a metre or so further along one of the major branches from the junction with the main trunk of the tree, some 10 metres from the ground.
Lying prone over the same branch close to the junction was the cheetah carcass," he explained.
According to Gardiner, they returned to the sighting the following afternoon, and once again, they didn’t see the leopard, but did observe that only the impala seemed to have been fed on and the cheetah appeared to be untouched.
"We were extremely fortunate and privileged to have been close enough to observe what I have described, and it emphasises the massive importance that places like the Kruger National Park, are for the continuance of these and other such dramas, which make up the intricate and rich tapestry of life, without which we are all sure to perish," concluded Gardiner.

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Re: The leopard that killed the cheetah that killed the impa

Unread post by Donny » Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:02 am

Hi Jeff

I too was priviledged enough to have seen this sighting. It can only be described as surreal and as far as I am concerned a sighting that I doubt I will get to see again in my lifetime.

Really humbling to think of the depths and struggles that may be happening out there just for the quest of survival.
Need to get there soon !!!

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Re: The leopard that killed the cheetah that killed the impa

Unread post by michel367 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:15 am

I believe it was Sharifa and Duke that were at this sighting and they got the Predator sighting of the year award for this. :thumbs_up:

They posted it in one of their trip reports. :lol:

Here it is:

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