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Hippo Killing Impala

Discuss activities available in the Kruger National Park, and follow all the sighting reports.
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Hippo Killing Impala

Unread post by Sigmund » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:51 pm

Moderators, I'm unsure as to in which of the different KNP forums and/or sub-forums to post this, so please move to where best suited.

Last week this video of a Hippo cow with a calf killing an impala stuck in the mud at Nsemani dam on 4 August 2015, was posted by Latest Sightings on Youtube.

A friend of ours currently in Kruger, sent us a message per cellphone today saying that they witnessed their first kill in Kruger today.
After inquiring as to what, where and when, we heard that they witnessed a hippo killing an impala stuck in mud at a dam this morning :shock: Their kids, apparently and understandably (being 5 and 12) were kind of hysterical.

I immediately recalled the above video that I saw last week and mentioned it to them.....turns out this morning's event also took place at Nsemani and the killer was also a hippo with a calf :shock:

We are on our way to KNP in 30 days from today and with recent reports of dwindling water levels and the above two stories (both related to the low water levels), I am sort of wondering what to expect in terms of sightings?
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Re: Hippo Killing Impala

Unread post by Toddelelfe » Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:05 pm

:big_eyes: i am impressed
:dance: Plane is booked, KNP, i am on a mission :doh:
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Re: Hippo Killing Impala

Unread post by kssager » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:39 am

Thank you for posting video/information about it. We were on our 1st ever trip to Kruger during this time (although we were in Croc Bridge while this was taking place). However a few days later when we moved to Tamboti, we would pass this place every morning/evening, and would spend 20 minutes or so here watching the action. One evening we saw 2 cape buffalo in the same predicament as this impala...up to it's mouth in sludge...struggling to move but getting nowhere (in just about the exact spot in the waterhole as this impala). We thought for sure they would die overnight from exhaustion. We drove back 1st thing in the morning, and both buffalo were gone. I assumed they freed themselves somehow...but after seeing this maybe they did sink.

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Re: Hippo Killing Impala

Unread post by Meandering Mouse » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:57 am

Just a reminder of how dangerous these creatures can be.

Thanks Sigmund. :thumbs_up:
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