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Masorini - Kruger Park

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Masorini - Kruger Park

Unread post by JenB » Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:19 am

Masorini - Kruger Park

This site is situated some 11km from the Phalaborwa Gate, on the road to Letaba.
As the letters PI-NE appear on the trigonometric beacon, it was incorrectly believed to be another name for Masorini (Piene).

The ancestors of the Baphalaborwa stayed here.
They made a living from the melting of iron.
The smelters lived on the lower terrace at Masorini and the forgers in the higher terrace, because they had a higher standing in society.
Today Masorini is a restored village with stonewalls, grinding stones, potsherds and the remains of foundries, including a smelting furnace, which date back to the 19th century.

There are also some implements dating back to the Stone Age.
This village offers an insight into the economy and technology employed by the hunter-gathers, and later Iron Age people.
The northeastern Sotho tribe that inhabited this village were known as the ba-Phalaborwa.

From the Masorini hilltop, there is a splendid view of Shikumbu Hill where the Chieftain lived.
In the shock waves following the rise of the Zulu kingdom early in the 19thCentury, Masorini ended as a settlement.

History of the Kruger National Park

Image Image

The inside (the step served as a pillow):

A grain store:

Gathering/Indaba huts:

The foundry

Smelting furnace:

Artifacts, some dating back to the stone age:

I found it very interesting to learn that the Baphalaborwa still regard Masorini as a sacred place and go there to perform rituals as well as maintenance of the site.
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