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Extinct animals and plants of Table Mountain

Agulhas, Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa Karoo, West Coast
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caroline V
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Extinct animals and plants of Table Mountain

Unread post by caroline V » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:44 pm

According to Tony Rebelo, in the recent past, many animals occurred on Table Mountain but are extinct. these include:
Table Mountain Hairy Crawling Waterbeetle Algophilus lathridoides
Table Mountain Water Scavenger Beetle Allocotocerus mixtus
Bat-Eared Fox
Black Backed Jackal
Black Rhino
Brown Hyaena
Cape Vulture
Honey Badger
Mountain Zebra*
Lion Velvetworm Peripatopsis leonine
Red Haartebeest*
Spotted Hyaena
Wattled Crane
Wild Dog
(* = Reintroduced)
NB: The Bontebok is an alien!

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caroline V
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and the Extinct plants of Table Mountain

Unread post by caroline V » Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:04 pm

Plant species that have become extinct in the Table Mountain National Park and the Peninsula - according to Tony Rebelo.
1. Wynberg Conebush Leucadendron grandiflorum 1800
2. Cape Flats Ganna Lebeckia macowanii 1938
3. Cape Flats Gorse Aspalathus variegata 1900
4. Pyramid Heath Erica pyramidalis 1906
5. Showy Heath Erica turgida (still in cultivation) 1967
6. Whorled Heath Erica verticillata (still in cultivation) 1902
7. Grass Mountain Pea Liparia graminifolia 1829
8. Peninsula Snapdragon Nemesia micrantha 1897
9. Peninsula Water Sedge Eleocharis lepta ?
10. Table Mountain Window Reed Willdenowia affinis 1918

11. Cross Bonnet Pterygodium cruciferum
12. Stunted Brightfig Lampranthus debilis
13. Peacock Brightfig Lampranthus peacockiae
14. Slack Buchu Agathosma glabrata
15. Black Cinderella Orchid Acrolophia ustulata
16. Harvey’s Cord Reed Restio harveyi
17. Sea Daisy Poecilolepis maritima
18. Speckled Disa Disa physodes
19. Pigmy Disa Disa pygmaea
20. Lime Disa Disa sabulosa
21. Spiral Disa Disa tenella subsp tenella
22. Creeping Dolls-rose Hermannia procumbens subsp procumbens
23. Corymb Fingerflox Manulea corymbosa
24. Lotus Gorse Aspalathus lotoides
25. Iron Heath Erica ferrea
26. Square-leaf Lady Gladiolus quadrangulus
27. Arched Monkshood Corycium microglossum
28. Bearded Oldman Disa barbata
29. Featherhead Phylica Phylica plumosa var squarrosa
30. Silky-hair Pincushion Leucospermum vestitum
31. Flats Purple-gorse Muraltia mitior
32. Cluster Reed Rhodocoma fruticosa
33. Small-flowered Saffronbush Gnidia parviflora
34. Spiky Saffronbush Gnidia spicata
35. Hairy Satinflower Geissorhiza monanthos
36. Renosterveld Sawheadgrass Prionanthium pholiuroides
37. Purple Sea Lavender Afrolimon purpuratum
38. Lance-leaf Silver Pea Xiphotheca lanceolata
39. Water Sorrel Oxalis natans
40. Strawberry Spiderhead Serruria aemula
41. Table Mountain Sporrie Heliophila tabularis
42. Ruby Storksbill Pelargonium ellaphieae
43. Lanky Stringbark Lachnaea capitata
44. Burchell’s Sugarbush Protea burchellii
45. Channel-leaf Sugarbush Protea scorzonerifolia
46. Hallacks Pink Trewwa Satyrium hallackii subsp hallackii
47. Tricolor Uintjie Moraea tricolor
48. Cape Waterlily Nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea
49. Hairless Yellow-eye Felicia annectens

If you are aware of any further species (or common names for them) please send them to

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Bush Baptist
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Re: Extinct animals of Table Mountain

Unread post by Bush Baptist » Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:46 pm

I think the bontebok is just a pragmatic effort to grow the species to viable numbers again. Anyway it is a near neighbour.
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