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Shopping en route to Kruger.

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Nelspruit locals help needed

Unread post by Kathy » Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:37 pm

Hello all you Mpumalanga locals!!!!
Need some help - had gathered all the info I needed, then the system crashed and all was lost... Please give advice on the following:
1.) Directions from Kruger Mpumalanga Airport to shopping centres nearby;
2.) At these shopping centres, is there a Woolworths and/or Pick n Pay;
3.) Are there any butcheries in the area that you could reccommend who would vaccum pack meat for us if we phoned and pre-arranged this - if so, does anyone have numbers for them?
Thanks a ton!

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Unread post by Jazil » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:47 pm

Masses of shops in Nelspruit. If you want a Woolies food, then the one at the Crossings Shopping Centre is better than the one at Riverside Mall, which is on the road to Whiteriver, about 3 kms out of Nellies..... the Crossings Shopping Centre is on the main road in from Barberton, and am sure you would have to turn right on that road when you come in from the airport. The Crossings also has a nice Spa or Pick n Pay,not sure now which, also a Mugg and Bean for delicious coffee and food.....
There is also a Value shopping centre just before you reach Riverside mall, which has camping shops and the likes. The only thing I have struggled to find in Nellies is a decent bottle store!!!! Think the Crossings one is the best though :lol:
Butchers that vacuum pack things for you? NOt sure, but have a friend who lives in Nellis staying at the Lodge tonight so will ask him and let you know tomorrow..... (He buys most of his meat here in Swaziland though!!) :lol:
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Unread post by Elsa » Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:24 pm

arks wrote:
macho mouse wrote:Good to know about the Malelane centre. Its close enough to nip out if need be.

Is that closer to a gate than the Hazyview shops? Distance to travel outside the park for a shopping run is also a part of the shopping run equation :D

According to my information Hazyview is 43 kms from Kruger Gate and Malelane 13 kms from Malelane Gate, but it will obviously depend on where you are staying in the park as to what centre is closest in the end.
Altho we were staying a stones throw from Kruger Gate I figured that it was better to be in the park itself most of the time and less "outside" travelling time the better.
We left the park way too late and according to our calculations had to be back in by 4.30pm to make it up to Kruger Gate comfortably by 6.30pm and I promise you I shopped like a wild woman and made it back with 1 minute to spare!!! :shock: :lol:

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:58 pm

Both White river and Hazyview have supermarkets and butcheries. That would be a beter option than Nelspruit as they are on your route (unlike Nelspruit). White river is the beter of the two.

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Unread post by Cees » Thu Sep 14, 2006 1:51 am

@Peter B.; for some nice meat, in Phalaborwa, I can advice Lood se Slaghuis at the 56 Tambotie Street (home of the "blue bull" steak). 8)
From KNP: take left at second robot, take first left and direct right. Your now on the Wildevy. At the and on your right on the corner of Wildevy and Tambotie is the slaghuis! :lol:
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Unread post by amanzi » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:02 pm


There is a lovely shopping mall in Hoedspruit :D

You should be able to get all the necessary items you need here :wink:

Allso try Bambino's outside Hoedspruit on your way to Orpen for some of the best braai-wood in the country :wink: :wink:
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shopping Palabora or Letaba?

Unread post by Amandebult 1990 » Tue May 22, 2007 4:36 pm

this year we are entering via Phalaborwa gate and want to pick up some cheap pots/pans etc so we can cook for ourselves during our 2 weeks there (we come out from the UK, so bringing that sort of stuff is a bit of a nightmare!) - does anyone know if there is a good, cheap shop between the airport and the gate, or can we get them in the Letaba shop? (our first night stop) thanks!
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Unread post by Wedge » Tue May 22, 2007 4:52 pm

Rather buy in Phalaborwa.
Firstly a much better, bigger & cheaper variety.
Secondly you'll probably find the shop 2 km's from the gate into Kruger.
Buying at Letaba will not be an option.
Limited options (if any!!!) and definitely prices sky high!!!

There is a Spar on route into Kruger at Phalaborwa, and they will stock the essentials you need to get buy for two weeks.
Yes, it wont be the selection you are used to at Harrods.....but all the same, it will be better than Letaba (not knocking them, they just geared up for day to day stuff).
If you need more specific articles, i suggest going into Phalaborwa central town, which really is no mission whats so ever, if you need. Enjoy!
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Unread post by Elsa » Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:58 pm

Perks, there is a nice big Spar in Komatipoort, recently rebuilt and opened after being burnt down late last year.
You will see it easily just as you enter the town on your right.

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Unread post by Goggo EJ » Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:17 pm

Do not have GPS co-ordinates, sorry.
But the Spar is easy to find.
You come into Malelane on the N4 from J'burg side, turn left at the first set of traffic lights and keep going across a pedestrian crossing and then turn left into the Inkwazi Shopping centre and Spar is to the right. Parking never a problem.
Back at the traffic lights on the N4 Pick and Pay is on the right - and often actually has better fresh produce than Spar.
If you are going on to Croc Bridge from there rather than Malelane Gate, then you can also try the Nampak/Colours fresh produce place at Hectorspruit.
Minimum of 1kg amounts of anything, but prices are lower than the supermarkets (many folk from up country stock up there on their way home from Kruger).
If they let you down, then you still have the Komatipoort Spar to fall back on.
That is on the right as you get into Komatipoort - a stop street outside a Caltex petrol station.

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Unread post by FishingOwl » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:54 am

I've asked this question before in another thread, and received some good suggestions . . . seeing as how this thread is dedicated to the subject, though, I figured might be able to get some more responses!

Does anybody know of any easy/good places to stock up on food as well as purchase some camping essentials (ie. camping chairs, extension cord/blue plug, cooler box, etc.) on the way from Jo'burg to Punda Maria? And what kind of shopping can be done at Punda Maria?

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Re: Buying Groceries

Unread post by Goggo EJ » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:47 am

Shop at Spar or Pick and Pay in Malelane before entering at Malelane gate for Berg en Dal and then just top up in the park.
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Re: Shopping

Unread post by arks » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:28 pm

Stark wrote:A question about bringing in meat...does it need to be packaged in any special way to bring it into KNP? What about fruits/veggies?

RSA supermarkets will vacuum pack your meat for you.
I always ask them to vacuum pack mine in meal-sized packets, so that I only need open one pack per braai. These packets can then be frozen, so it's easy to carry enough meat for a two-week stay in the park.
Most RSA supermarkets also sell excellent re useable cooler bags that will keep groceries at least chilled for several hours, plus they fold flat and fit in your luggage! 8)
I brought mine home with and am using it here regularly and it will likely travel back with me on my next trip! Adding ice to such cooler bags when traveling between camps worked fine for me in keeping meat and produce cool or frozen — just use separate bags for what you want to keep frozen and what only needs to be cooled.
I also freeze juice boxes (and water bottles) to use in cooler bags when traveling to my next camp — and to keep my padkos cool on game drives :wink:
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Re: What do the stores stock?

Unread post by Pjw » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:57 pm

There are a number of stores in Nelspruit where you can stock up before entering the park.
There is a Woolworths foods - their fresh fruit and veggies are probably the best.
There is also a pick 'n Pay ( local supermarket) in the Riverside mall where you can get everything as well
Hazyview, a small town just near Phabeni and Kruger gates also has supermarkets that stock most things so you shouldn't have a problem.
The drive from Nelspruit to Hazyview will take about 45min-1 hour, then you can choose which gate to enter at.
Phabeni to Skukuza will take about 2 hours depending on how much you see.
This gate is very close to Hazyview.
Kruger gate is about half an hours drive from Hazyview. Kruger gate to Skukuza will only take about 20 min to half hour max, again depending on what you see.
The choice of gate will then obviously depend on how much time you have available before camp gate closing time
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Re: What do the stores stock?

Unread post by droopy » Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:04 am

Landing at KMIA you can do your groceries shopping in White River, there is a very clean and well stocked Pick 'n Pay centre.
The butchery at Pick 'n Pay is also very nice and clean and also stock the basic meat, chicken etc.
At the same centre there is a Liquor Store as well so you can buy you drinks,etc at the same centre.
I see that you collect your vehicle in Nelspruit?
Well on the R40 back to White River is the Spar Crossings Shopping Centre where you can also buy what ever you need also with a liquor store.
And as foxy says, be careful and watch your speed especially between Hazyview and Kruger Gate and also have a lookout for the cows and goats!!!

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