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Obelix in KTP - Sept. 07

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Obelix in KTP - Sept. 07

Unread post by Obelix » Fri Sep 14, 2007 2:10 pm

My time is not my own anymore, so gone are the days of experiencing the joy of having the time to type long trip reports with lots of photos. So herewith just a short trip report of our recent four-day visit to KTP.

Stayed in Nossob for one night and in Urikaruus for three nights. I’ve made some comments on Urikaruus in the Urikaruus topic.

In the Nossob river, we were extremely lucky to be spoilt with a memorable sighting of a very active leopard and her cub right next to the road, two separate lion sightings (one in the road) and a sighting of two honey badgers. Plenty of other general game as well. As far as the birds are concerned, lots and lots of raptors and vultures. Unfortunately no secretary bird, which we were looking forward to see for the first time – still working on the final bird list though.

On the Auob’s side it is very dry and it is difficult to imagine that anything can survive there this time of year. Nevertheless, we had a few very exiting encounters with spotted hyenas at Urikaruus, one cheetah sighting close to Mata Mata (very very far in the distance though) and by far our best ever lion sighting at a kill in the road about 20km south of Urikaruus. Add to that another lion sighting on the dune road and we count ourselves very lucky (and privileged) for the sightings we were fortunate enough to experience.

Overall a very memorable experience. I don’t want to rave to much about KTP though, for fear of letting out the secret. We’ll definitely be back as soon as possible in the future, although from what we’ve heard from other visitors during our stay there, we should not expect to be nearly as lucky again as far as the big cats are concerned on our next trip.

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