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Welcome New Members

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Introduction for new members to the world of SANParks Forums

Welcome!! We are very pleased that you have decided to become a member of the SANParks forums!

The forum is an interactive platform where we, the stakeholers, discuss various topics concerning the state of affairs in South African National Parks, as well as all other matters relating to your SANParks experience.

We are a democratic forum. All opinions are important to us and we value freedom of speech. As with most forums, we have a few rules. The basic rules are to be friendly to each other, and to avoid political, racial or religious debates. The reason for this is that we are a global forum with members from many countries with different backgrounds and world views, brought together by an interest in SANParks, and this is our focus. For the same reason we communicate in English.

We can understand that after viewing all the posts for the first time the forum may seem overwhelming. You may not know where to find the information you require or where to post questions, stories, or opinions you want share.

It's actually quite simple though, and you'll soon get the hang of it. Your first step is to go through the Forum Index and this will steer you to the right threads or topics. Each Forum has its own Index to assist you find specific topics.

For your interest, many non SANParks related issues can be found in the Chit-Chat forum.

If you do post in the wrong thread or make an error, don't panic. The forum is being monitored and serviced by a group of volunteer Moderators. We are appointed by SANParks to ensure that the forum stays a readable, happy and informative place. We are always there to assist you if you have questions, and to help you settle in.

This forum should have all the answers to forum related questions, the Frequently asked Questions willl have a lot of answers for you as well.

We hope you have a happy, informative and fun stay with us

The Mod Team