Wilderness dreaming - Greg du Toit

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Wilderness dreaming - Greg du Toit

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‘Wilderness dreaming, memoir of a wildlife photographer’ by Greg du Toit.
HPH Publishing
ISBN 978-1-77632-325-8
ZAR 395

A book I really enjoyed reading. Du Toit worked as a guide in South Africa and as a safari camp manager in a remote camp in Kenya. Lots of very interesting (and sometimes very humorous) stories and adventures. A long the way (second half of the book) he picks up photography as a hobby and becomes very passionate about it. Some of you may recognize his name because he is a famous wildlife photographer now. The book is not about the technical part of photography but of all his adventures (eye to eye with lions) with and without the camera.
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Re: Wilderness dreaming - Greg du Toit

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Sounds super, I will check it out. Thanks :gflower:
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