Camping at Punda Maria

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Camping at Punda Maria

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We had an awesome trip to Kruger again this year and following my parents trip a few weeks later, we do need to raise the issues of camping at Punda Maria as they had the same challenges. While I understand that much of the budget goes to anti-poaching activities, the ablutions are an abomination. Not only were they filthy with leaking sewage, the top ablutions may as well be closed as most of it isn't working. Toilets don't flush, only 1 basin tap was working and it is not a big ticket item to do some maintenance. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say the ratio of campers to toilets was probably over 100:1 and with children in the mix and insufficient cleaning, it was a serious health hazard.
The campsite also could do with some organisation so you can find flat spots to camp with a power point - it's a very disjointed set up and you can't see what is a road and what is a site.
Please give Punda campsite and blutes some TLC.
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Re: Camping at Punda Maria

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So sorry your experience at Punda Maria was not up to expectations and a disappointment.

Please would you send a mail to [email protected] with all you have reported in this post so it can be dealt with at high level and redirected to the correct department.

Many thanks.
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