Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by Robbert »

Hi there,

Did SANParks formulated a policy about posting of *** and/or elephant pictures made in the smaller parks? We've made some nice pictures but are hesitating to publish them in an oncoming TR. Even if we would publish the pictures at the beginning or end of the TR they could be easily "connected" to a specific park and the territory, even if our visit was already a few months ago?

Best regards,

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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by DinkyBird »

Rob, the same applies (at this stage) to the smaller parks, as applies to Kruger - please do publish your photos, but leave time and any hint of specific location out. Many thanks for the consideration, and thereby assistance in frightening the poaching war.
- Dalene
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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by Janeli »

It has always been my policy to dedicate one post to the ***. Posting the *** photos separately without saying where the photos were taken.
It is very sad that we are in the same situation with the ellies. :( :( :(
I will soon post a new TR. :think:
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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by hilda »

Thanks Robbert and Janeli for keeping the Guidelines in mind while posting your lovely trip reports! It is much appreciated! :clap: :clap:

Looking forward to your next report Janeli! :dance: :dance:
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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by onewithnature »

Re-reading through all the posts here, the main concerns highlighted obviously centre around avoiding posting pictures of threatened game that could facilitate identification of areas and time where the animals hang out. With regards to location, we have decided that, wherever a rhino- or elephant-picture's background or surroundings are reasonably well-known, we will use a photo-altering program (such as Photoshop) to insert a completely unidentifiable or bland background which will still allow the magnificence of the animal to stand out. True, the animal may not be as authentically represented, but its life is far more important than being accurate. In addition, it is indeed important to post all *** and elephant sightings together at a random point within the trip report that does not allow the sighting's date and time to be known.

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Re: Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Unread post by diana@southerndreams »

Elsa wrote:Sharing *** and elephant sightings : Guidelines

Lesego » Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:57 pm
Dear Forumites,

With the recent statistics regarding the *** and elephants in the Kruger National Park, we would like to request that when posting pictures of *** and elephants on the forum, please DO NOT GIVE OUT THE TIME, DATE AND LOCATION OF THE SIGHTING.

Thank You.
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PLEASE include Lion sightings. Too many of them killed for Muti !
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