Charaxes bohemani, Large Blue

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Charaxes bohemani, Large Blue

Unread post by hlengz »

Can anyone help me with the name of this butterfly? Photo from Northern Kruger.
I was told blue morpho but Google tells me that one should be in the Americas.
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Re: Butterfly ID needed

Unread post by AFRICAT »

I believe it is Charaxes bohemani, female. Obviously there are color variations from specimen to specimen, as well as dry season/wet season variations, but that's my humble opinion. Beautiful, whatever it turns out to be!
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Re: Butterfly ID needed

Unread post by Jesscan1 »

You are spot on with your ID of the butterfly AFRICAT. Beautiful butterfly.

hlengz's butterfly is indeed a female Charaxes bohemani or the common name "Large Blue Charaxes". In Afrikaans it is a Bloujuweel-dubbelstert. Roughly translated it means a "Blue Jewel Double-tail".

The female is larger than the male and has a white band on the forewing. It is attracted to femented bananas and mangoes, as well as carnivore droppings and tree sap.

It occurs in low-lying savanna woodland all year round and is more abundant in Summer.

A great photo and an excellent spot hlengz as this butterfly is rarely seen.
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