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Re: Leopard

Unread post by Yves » Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:29 am

adw wrote:I was driving along the Eloff street (H4-1) and was about 5km from Lower Sabie when I saw another vehicle stopped and upon closer inspection saw 3 leopards (female and 2 sub-adult cubs) playing on a branch of a large tree next to the Sabie river. They were quite far in but managed to get a reasonable picture of the threesome as proof of spotting l.i.ts.

Hi Adw. I saw what i think is one of these sub-adult leopards in January this year. We had just left the S28 and turned right to go to L/S. About 300m down the road you pass over a small stream. My friend who was with me at the time spotted the leopard with two small cubs in May 2006 in the Small rocky outcrop above the stream. Apparently they where spotted quite regularly in the same area last year. We stopped by the stream and decided to switch the car off and survey the area. About 100m infront of us a there was a venture with two ladies in it was stopped by the roadside. All of a sudden they frantically waved for us to come forward and there to the left of them one of the sub-adult leopards was walking.It crossed the road infront of us (Sorry for blurred pic but it all happened so quickly)
It then moved up a small ridge where i managed to get a better picture
It was good to see that the sud-adult was in good shape.


Unread post by Jumbo » Fri Feb 16, 2007 10:11 am

carolynn wrote:Does anyone perhaps have any photos of this leopard at Afsaal- would love to see it - seeing is believing after all and one never really believes it will happen until you see it for yourself!

Unfortunately the article is in Afrikaans. The pic is very low quality…probably taken with a cell phone and by a shaking photographer. :lol:
Could not get the photo to scan any better. In the newspaper itself you can more or less make out the leopard near what seems to be a braai and one of those small round tables.
I wonder if SANParks did not get a better photo from somebody else?


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Unread post by @Large » Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:05 pm

Hi Guys,
Me again and I just want to put my 2 cents worth into the hat as well.
A colleague of mine was there when it happened and as per usual the Lowvelder got some of the facts not all.
According to Juan; also a nature guide or as some people here call us - a jeep jockey, heard the people going wild at the ditch on the southern side of the picnic spot. He rushed over to see what the heck was happening as we had problems with pax and elephants there before.
As he got to the ditch the leopard jumped up and apparently to 2.5 m away from him and Evette from the Trade Post. He got the people away and apparently his pants was trembling! The leopard and him eyed one another, Evette ran back to the shop and then the leopard made a meal of someones bacon.
He then casually strolled back in to the bush and disappeared.
Juan says he'll never look at a leopard in the same way :lol: :shock: again. :lol:
So you see we guides are not always the bad okes everyone makes us out to be!
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Unread post by Elsa » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:34 pm

I can report after having brunch at Afsaal this week that they have put a notice covered in plastic film on some of the wooden tables in the picnic area warning people of the incident and asking if anyone sees a Leopard to immediately inform the staff.
I have taken a pic and will post as soon as I have it resized and ready.

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Unread post by jonty1 » Tue Feb 27, 2007 10:44 am

Aren't Leopards absolutely magestic. i must be honest in saying these pics are not Kruger park taken, but they are so beautiful i must share them. :D

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Unread post by richardharris » Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:08 am

A number of shots of a leopard on the Skukuza to Pretoriouskop road.

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image


A couple have been severely cropped and still partially spoiled by the presence of a very annoying white van!


A few more and larger versions here (select original size)

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Unread post by Elsa » Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:03 pm

This the sign at Afsaal.


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Unread post by KNP Spokesman » Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:08 pm

@Large wrote:Guys as far as I know there were the following attacks by leopards on people:
1. Staff lady killed in the Skuks staff village,
2. Guide attacked on the high level bridge on Eloff street (road between Skuks and LS,
3. Guide attacked at Nyamundwa dam,
All of which happened some time ago

Then there was a leopard shot at Afsaal recently as it harassed guests there, the story goes that with the post mortem it was found to have a disposable diaper in the stomach so it was permanently hungry,
Leopard sighting at Afsaal 2 / 3 weeks ago where the leopard came out of the gully to the south of picnic spot as described above.

Then I also know of the following incidents;
1. a guy getting killed by a lion at Phalaborwa gate - he apparently tried slipping into the Park by not paying conservation fees and jumping over the fence,
2. People in car attacked by elephant on the Phalaborwa gate road,
3. People in Uno attacked by Rhino after bumping into a Rhino on Eloff street, Rhino OK,
4. Private guy hitting and killing Impala on the Napi (road between PK and Skuks),
5. Rhino attacking Parks board vehicle on H10 (road between LS and Thokwane), after PBV bumped into it, Rhino OK,
6. Ranger killed by elephants at Stolsnek,
7. Thousands of snakes, tortoises, squirrels, francolins, cameleons and hornbills killed on a weekly basis throughout the Park because of speeding, people watching the bush and forgetting the road, people looking for the big stuff on the side and forgetting about the small stuff.
8. Rhinos killed at BND by Ranger for their horns, he was jailed and has escaped and is still at large.
9. Staff members in Skuks beats Impalas to death.

Hi @Large and Forumites

Your post is almost correct ... so I'll take them one by one:
Top three:
1 - Kotie de Beer was taken by a leopard while jogging in the Skukuza Staff village a few years ago. This was a very sad incident and there is a plaque on the spot where she breathed her last breath. Lets show a bit of respect for her memory and widower and not sensationalise this?
2 - I still cannot find any report of this, so I also assume this is confused with the Berg en Dal incident? ... (but I could, of course be wrong)
3 - Not sure about Nyamundwa Dam either (again I could be wrong). I do know a guide from an OSV company who was attacked by a leopard at Nsemani Dam near Satara. He was bitten on the leg - this as in 2003.

Lower points:
1 - The unfortunate incident at Phalaborwa Entrance Gate, the man was hanging around (loitering) the gate at around closing time. Just as the guards at the gate closed the gate, he ran through and out into the bush. The guards tried to catch him but - as the Mopani bush was very dense at that time of the year - he managed to slip away. The rangers were called in and also looked for him, but gave up their search when it became dangerous for them too. His remains were found the next morning. We have information that he was a psychiatric patient, so I don't think he was trying to slip in without paying, rather listening to the voices in his head ...
2 - The elephant attack near Phalaborwa Entrance Gate was unfortunate but could perhaps have been avoided. This bull has got quite a reputation for "irritating" tourists and he has given both myself and my superior William (also on the forum) a rev or two over the years. I understand that it was this particular family's first visit to Kruger and they turned off their car when the bull walked towards them. No one was injured ...
3 - Quite a few of these "bumping" incidents are not reported to management, the people involved just drive out of the park and have their vehicles panelbeated back into shape. So I am afraid I don't have any info on this one either ... (but I can see it happening - just imagine the rhino thinking "come hither little red one ..." :twisted: ).
4 - Regarding the totally unnecessary killing of our wildlife, I just wish people who witness these events would report this sort of behaviour to the KNP Emergency Call Centre ...
5 - "Parks Board Vehicle" - who is that? Our organisation is called SANParks!!!! An off duty staff member from Satara did indeed hit a rhino on that road a while back. He was also late - coming home from Mozambique - and didn't have a late permit either. He appeared before a disciplinary hearing and was fired. On appeal, it was decided to retract the decision as it was his first Code of Conduct offence and for the simple reason that he did report the incident to the Tshokwane Section Ranger.
6 - Field Ranger Corporal Ndlovu's tragic death affected each and every one of us in different ways. We have not only lost a colleague, but Stolsnek Section Ranger Post has lost one of its most valuable people. Again, perhaps a little sensitivity to his family and respect to his memory? He was doing his job, on patrol, looking for poachers when the elephant attacked.
7 - We quite agree with this totally unnecessary killing and I agree with you ... people must look where they are going!!! (see point 4).
8 - The field guides (NOT RANGERS!!!) in question have both been fired. One did escape but was rearrested by CIS and SAPS in Namakgale shortly after he escaped. During the arrest, he tried to escape again and was shot in the leg by the SAPS. Incidentally, they were positively linked to two rhino carcasses, one near Skukuza and the other one near Berg en Dal.
9 - The general workers that killed the impalas at the laundry complex in Skukuza have ALL been fired! They have all been tried and sentenced. Beeld newspaper carried the story on 28 February 2007 (page 7).

Kind regards
KNP Spokesman
Kruger National Park
110 Years of Conservation Success - Now isn't that worthy of a Celebration!

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Unread post by Bush Baptist » Mon Mar 12, 2007 11:10 pm


Leopard number 2, on fourth thoughts, was pre 2000, (1997?). We were in Biyamiti in 2001 and the guide Cecil Makhubele, was on his first training ride that night when the guide was taken during a break on the green bridge. My friends saw the report on tele and we had been there a few days before on the same night ride route.
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Unread post by wilmaw » Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:17 pm

About the earlier conversation of black leopard, here is a photo (not mine obviously!) for interest' sake:

My first leopard in tree ever, very close to Malelane gate and very close to closing time (isn't it always):

Must be the most camouflaged animal ever, this one's eating warthog (Nov 06) - think it was S118 or S119?? There was also a hyena around, but the 2 animals seem to give each other space. Then the one was eating, then the other. I found that quite strange but entertaining.

Last year we were quite lucky and saw leopard quite often (i.e. more than 6 x, a LOT compared to my previous experience). Funny I always thought dawn/dusk but more than 50% we spotted were around noon!

As was our last, 17 Mar 07 at the Skukuza low water bridge/weir coming from the picnic site side and crossing over just in the open on the far side of the river. I spotted it and was completely besides myself, also the first one to lie still long enough (and close enough) for a half decent picture (yet nowhere near some on this thread!):
- that was around 12:30.

I'm wondering if he (she?) is a local there, as we saw a leopard on the picnic side of the river among the reeds 21Jun06 (thanks to a Drifters truck pointing it out to us).

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Unread post by wilmaw » Fri Apr 20, 2007 7:46 am

Ah well... thanks anyway for your feedback.

BTW I saw in the March 07 Africa Geographic magazine (about the Cape leopards), they apparently finally captured and collared a female on 31st January. Ater I think more than 3 years searching!

About the male/female "necklace" business, I recently asked a field guide in Sabi Sands about that - he said he's never heard that before.

He did tell me how to identify a specific leopard: the first row of dots above the top whisker line. Now if only the leopards will sit still so I can check those dots out...

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Unread post by bucky » Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:34 am

It would be near impossible to estimate leopard numbers , even in the small game reserves they cant figure out how many they have , these cats are as elusive as they come .

I bet there could be an easy 3000 plus in SA , half of them outside reserves .

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Unread post by Wild@Heart » Tue May 22, 2007 8:42 am

Sjoe! Let's calm down here a bit, you guys are making me nervous :lol:

Leopards are very curious creatures when they are young .. I'm not denying that you might get an idiot who could try to feed an animal .. but let's not always look at the negative side. We have also seen leopard up close and they do get curious .. especially the younger ones. Richprins explanations seems the most logical here.

As with leopards .. Lomar explained it nicely .. the leopard did get in the guides vehicle unexpectedly and the guide could do nothing due to the "traffic" .. he was bitten in the leg but survived to tell the tale.

Leopards have killed staff in the park and when found and shot, the conditions of the leopards were generally poor. A gate attendant was killed years ago at Shingwedzi .. hence you will see the bars covering the windows at the entrance.

Johann Oelofse had to fight for his life against a leopard when attacked. The condition of the leopard also was not good.

And Oom Louie Olivier had to shoot a leopard in poor condition when it entered (i think) Letaba camp and posed a threat to the tourists in the camp.

There were some other sad situations in the Staff Village as well .. one being a small child. But again, after being shot by Don English it was found that the animal was also in poor condition with broken teeth etc.

Leopards are dangerous, opportunistic and clever as hell. Young ones are generally very curious while you do not want to cross paths with a leopard in poor condition.

I think we should not jump to conclusions and always see the "negative" in things .. Personally I just look at the pics of Carole and think to myself .. WOW, what an experience it must have been to see the leopard so close.

Thank you for sharing Carole .. It truly is an awesome sighting ..

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Unread post by AGATHA » Fri Jun 22, 2007 4:42 pm

Here's my contribution to the LOG thread. One afternoon on the dirt road past the Rabelais Hut near Orpen.



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Unread post by murron66 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 4:01 pm

Had this beautiful LOT on H4-1 (close to LS) May 3rd. This one completed our big 5 sighting - all on the same day within 5hrs 58 minutes :dance: .. but I must add that we are no 'big 5 chasers' simply happened that day ..


some other nice leopard we saw during that trip on H1-4 (April 28)


..and she even had a cub with her ..shoot is not very clear..sorry .. baby is on the can see the ears/head only :wink:

and one on H4-1 close to Sabie high bridge (April 26)

next KNP trip:
april/may 2011

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