Female Tusker - Nwamisejani

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Female Tusker - Nwamisejani

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Female Tusker - Nwamisejani


Photo by Ian Whyte

Origin of the name: N’wamisejani meaning ‘clever or notorious woman’ refers specifically to this cow’s role of Matriarch in her herd and the often revered manner in which the females in the herd will project their offspring and siblings in the Northern KNP.

Special Features: The tusks are the most notable feature of this cow. She has tusks that resemble MaTrix in that one tusk is considerably longer than the other and could easily be mistaken for MaTrix, however the long tusk of N’wamisejani grows at an angle to the trunk protruding slightly sideways. A shallow w-shaped notch is visible on the left ear lobe toward the upper middle. A small v-shaped notch can be seen towards the middle of the right lobe.
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