S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

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S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

Unread post by MarkWildDog »


This is a long road, very scretive & quiet. Near Mopani. It goes far into KNP where there are no roads but this one. It ends at the huge Stapelkop Dam next to historical site.

Has anyone travelled it?

What have you seen?

How do you like?
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Mark it a great road seen Buff and ellies its a very scenic part of the Park just off the Shongololo road (BRILLIANT) Its the only tourist road in the Mahlangeni Section
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Unread post by Anja »

I travelled it only 1 time, that was 4 years ago. As I can remember it's a very long monotonous road. At Stapelkopdam there was at that moment not much to see. So, I didn't like it that much. I think I'll try it this year again, maybe I'll have more luck.
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While staying at Tsendze I persuaded my husband to take this route early one morning - have never travelled it before. If you are interested in birds, it is a must do in summer. The road itself did not produce much, but on our way back I saw my first ever bronzewinged courser.
At the dam there were birds in abundance - we spent more than an hour there. Waders, spoonbills, swallows, fish eagles, herons, whistling ducks and more.
I will definitely travel this road again. The dam produced much more than any of the birdhides we visited. An ideal place for a hide I should say.
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Re: S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

Unread post by arks »

I took a photo of a koppie and baobab along the Stapelkop Road, and only later, when going through my photos, did I notice what looks to be a boarded up opening or door in the rocks just left of centre. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?
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Re: S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

Unread post by oddesy »

Interesting arks :hmz: i wonder what it might be
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Re: S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

Unread post by saraf »

We did the drive in November.

It's a road through mopane so we didn't see very much in the way of game. There are a couple of koppies along the way with different vegetation as a change. The dam itself was fairly full and we spotted about 20 species of birds, although we couldn't get close for decent photos. But the road there was quiet and there was no one at the dam the entire time we were there. Perfect for our morning coffee and rusk stop :lol:
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Re: S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

Unread post by Philip1 »

:) I agree that the S146 can be quiet......but on the "DAY'', it also can deliver (like any other road) :thumbs_up:
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Stapelkop dam

Unread post by Lonehill_Birders »

Can anybody tell me if Stapelkop dam has water at the moment? Thanks
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Re: S146 Stapelkop Dam Road

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Yes, a decent amount of water there currently.
By contrast Rooibosrant dam has very little water left and looks pretty miserable.
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