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Joan's trip to KNP : Nov '06

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Joan's trip to KNP : Nov '06

Unread post by Joan » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:00 am

Hi all,
Have just returned home after our holiday in South Africa. We stayed at Bergendal for 5 nights and it was great. On our last day there we saw 2 bush buck, one male waterbuck and 2 femaile Kudu come to the dam. Then there was a small hed of elephant, including 2 really tiny babies, who walked under the mother, 2 larger ones who also looked like twins and another larger still at the end of the dam and on looking back there were 8 or 9 waterbuck drinking and all this was seen from the camp.
We had quite an adventure with some lions and the large male was about a metre from the car and when I went to take a photo of him he opened his mouth and growled at me and needless to say my brother drove off immediately. This was also just before we got back to the camp.
We did have one dissapointment as on asking at reception if the restaurant was open for breakfast they said no, only for dinner at night and then on eating there on our last night we were told it was open for breakfast as well as dinner but not lunch-time. I would love to have had a cooked breakfast after com8ng back from the early morning drive. The truck left at 4.30am but had to make do with cereal in the bungalow.
Never the less we loved every minute of it.

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