Matambeni Hide

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Matambeni Hide

Unread post by Bush Baptist »

On the northern bank of the Letaba river, off the R62 on the way to the Engelhard lookout point, nestles the Matambeni hide.

I have been there quite a few times now and although it is not wonderfully situated for photography, unlike other hides, there is always activity.

There is a vast expanse of river view, which enables one to pick out many species of water bird, and enough water for the many hippos and crocs that abound.

To the right is a favourite shallow crossing place for eles and buffs.

My dad saw his first leopard in 50 years of parking on the approach road, and we visit from as far afield as Tamboti.

The best time to visit is before 10h30 am. You should be able to tick at least 20 bird species while breakfasting and you might even be treated to a breeding herd of eles frolicking in the shallows directly opposite like we once were.
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Saw a resident pair of fisheagles and they displayed their flying abilities in front of the hide. Because its high above the water the eagles pass at eye level 8)
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Saw this at end of July 07 at the hide.


The leopard actually chased 4 bufallo away, and then caught a Impi. This happened in the reeds so I could not take any photos of the kill. But the sound of the kill cuts right through you.

This happened after 16H00 in the afternoon.

Lovely hide
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Kruger rocks !!!
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Cool pic Jakoventer, I got goosepimples up my spine thinking of the sounds of the kill, it must have been tough listening. :shock:
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We do love Matambeni Hide as well and try to go there every time we are in Kruger. This are two pics I took last time (February 2007)
Hippos in front of hide
View to the left
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Re: Matambeni Hide

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Wow jakoventer... :D ... that's an amazing sighting of a leopard!

Seen plenty of ellie in the area and Buffalo and it's a nice drive.
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Re: Matambeni Hide

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We have only been to this hide once - in 2008, and don't remember it as a great hide. We will be back in Letaba area in June, and I would love to hear some newer updates on how people experience this hide (seeing as the last update on this thread was 2008... :whistle: ). Is it worth a visit?
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Re: Matambeni Hide

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Bushbuddies it is a great hide as you normally could also look into the Letaba river depending on the water level and on top other birds are normally as well around although I do not know about the birding in June but as you stay in Letaba simply visit this hide the view onto some rocks is also great :thumbs_up:
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Re: Matambeni Hide

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We visit Matambeni Hide whenever we return to Kruger in May, and we are reasonably regular visitors. Generally the hide is not very productive in terms of good photography, but the trip often provides close encounters with Elephant, Kudu and even Nyala.

However, in 2012, when we took our family with us (a total of 12), Matambeni Hide rewarded us with a close encounter with Klipspringers on the rocks in front of the hide, barely an arm length or two away from the crowded hide. We will certainly be visiting Matambeni Hide on our next trip.
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