The Trail Rangers/A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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We were so fortunate to go on a few night drives at Satara with amazing guides, the best we had was a guy called MOS, what a treat he went out of his way so that we all had anevening to remember forever. Thankyou so much to all the guides in Kruger you live our dreams daily and make our small time with you so very special
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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gjorgi, highly recommended :clap: See my TR below :dance:

PS: Kindly give my regards to Ewout (Trails Ranger), Phillip (Assistant Trails Ranger) and Ernesto (Chef) :wink:

[b]Unforgettable Adventures and Memories . . . . Metsi Metsi - March 2011[/b]

27.12 - 31.12 (Shingwedzi)
01.01 (Tamboti)
02.01 - 03.01 (L.Sabie)
04.01 - 08.01 (Pretoriuskop)
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by Rubicon »

Must say my best guide has been Eliot at Biyamiti.
He goes out of his way every time we go there.
I take customers to Biyamiti 2 x a year and when we leave they always talk about the game drives.
We are blessed to have him at our favourite camp.
He is a true ranger. :clap:
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by gjorgi »

Just came back from doing the Metsi-Metsi wilderness trail and it was truly amazing.
Ernesto is still there and still super friendly, Phillip Gumede the assistant trails ranger you spoke about was also there,
what a silent strong figure!
The trails ranger however was not Ewout but Andre Mabunda, the most relaxed and funniest ranger I've met in my life!!
What a treat!!
From this thread it is clear that there are a lot of rangers out there that have a passion for nature and are really doing a sterling job in promoting KNP just by being themselves and through their excellent training.
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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We had many guides in kruger till now but this year we met a special guy at satara - we did a sunset drive two days in a row because the first drive was very special.
Everybody wanted to go to Nsemani or try the s100 but the guide said:
Lets try to drive south and see what will happen....a few minutes later two cheetahs were next to our car, followed by a beautiful leopard :dance: and five AWCs :clap: :clap: .
In addition he explained many small things - like leaves you can use as toilet paper :D
His name is SAM - if you are in Satara- book a drive with him!!!!

Honeymoon in Kruger
BergenDal, Lower Sabie, Satara, Shindzela Lodge
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by Riaanf31 »

What a great way to recognise the unsung heroes.
The guides that take us 'visitors' on bush walks and drives etc have a massive part to play in how many of us view a certain camps.
During my visits I've done my fair share of drives and intend to do a few more upon my Sept return.

Satara as you move South is the next camp where we've done drives and I've done a walk.
All the guides know the stuff, also how to handle the tourists on the lookout for rabbits, skunks and buck. The ability to impart both technical and also 'basic' knowledge to the group is great.
You can sense how they just love to educate and share the us about the world that they live in.
It truly is a passion.

Skukuza is next on the list and sadly my experiences find me now staying away from doing drives here.
I still visit the camp, but don't do drives.
The sightings on the drives are great, but with guides often a bit hit and miss!

Lower Sabie: Well what can I say. :dance:
The evergreen Patrick has entertained us on a few drives and also Bridgeman.
One of my best ever drives, with Bridgeman involved seeing only 1 lone *** and very little else.
He stopped the vehicle in a spot switched the engine off and just asked us to listen to the bush for a few minutes. Magical!
The energy that they bring makes the drives, as at Satara, transforms it from a drive into an entire event.

Sadly I've never done drives at other camps, but hopefully Pretoriuskop can be added shortly.

Long my the guides and rangers of KNP continue their awesome work. :clap:
To see a sunrise in KNP is to see magic.
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by Oryx »

Great list there, Ndloti.
Daniel Maluleke: Superb botanical knowledge.
Albino Ringane: Quiet and unussuming but one of the very best.
I wonder where they are now?
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by ndloti »

In Sept 2008 Albino Ringane was a wilderness trail camp attendant - I am unsure if he is still in that position .
Daniel Maluleke is retired and is living near Pafuri gate .
KNP is sacred. I am opposed to the modernisation of Kruger and from the depths of my soul long for the Kruger of yesteryear! 1000+km on foot in KNP incl 56 wild trails.200+ nights in the wildernessndloti-indigenous name for serval.
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

Unread post by Mellory »

Obekeng and Raymond from Berg n Dal get our :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:to them Obekengs love for the bush ozzes out of him and Raymond knowledge for birds and making bird call sounds unreal.
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Re: A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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Crested Val wrote:Hoping to do a night drive/braai from Phala Gate when our daughter visits in December.
Would like to go with Laurens if he is still there!! :dance:

Lourens... well all I can say is that he is one of the most passionate and entertaining and knowledgeable guides in the park.... and if Im not mistaking the only one that knows the nightsky(stars, planets ect) like the back of his hand...thus he do not only concentrate on the animals but will show you alot more...

Another guide whom I respect alot is Irving from LS...
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Re: The Trail Rangers/A Tribute to the Kruger Guides.

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Thanks gmlsmit,
Interesting biographys.
Kally has been promoted to section ranger of Skukuza now, well done to him :-).

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