Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

Unread post by barryels »

Thanks for the positive feedback Friedrich von Hörsten :thumbs_up: .

God bless
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Friedrich von Hörsten
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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

Unread post by Friedrich von Hörsten »

So, here I am back in the windy Cape again, after 19 nights in Kruger Park... We really are privileged to be able to visit this wonderful place and call it ours...
Lets start with the bad things:
1. So many animals are still being killed daily -- squirrels, chameleons, tortoises, birds -- some days I could count a dozen corpses in the road within a few hours!
2. Sadly, some people come to the park to vandalise -- Tshokwane picnic spot men's toilets on eastern side -- the dirt bin against the wall had been ripped from its moorings and the muck was lying on the floor; two electric hand drying machines were dysfunctional because some moron had ripped the 3 point plugs from the wires and taken them; Pretoriuskop ES2 huts' male ablution was totally revamped earlier this year, and it looked good -- untill I went for a shower and found the shower head had been unscrewed and taken home (it was there the previous night) by another idiot! It must be so frustrating to try and maintain everything when these things happen!

Lets end with the GOOD things:
1. So many considerate people -- I was stopped a number of times by youngsters protecting a chameleon/turtle/tortoise from oncoming traffic by shielding it with their car. I like that!
2. So many people stopping to photograph -- wait for it -- flowers, birds, plants, trees -- not just big animals!
3. So many improvements in the camps -- Pretoriuskop had all their boiling water geysers repaired/replaced, and retiled their kitchens spotlessly. What a pleasure to use them!
4. Honestly never met 1 rude/unhelpful official, even though I saw some of them being roughly treated by visitors at Skukuza Day Visitos' picnic site.
5. Was even recognized by officials at Orpen and Pretoriuskop reception, and made to feel very welcome (maybe I have become part of the furniture there!).
6. So many local families (L or MP registration), especially from previously disadvantaged groups, enjoying the park. A grey headed old Shangaan man was snapping pictures of a hyena and when I thanked him for showing it to me, he replied: "Its a pleasure, Boet!"
7. Did NOT have 1 bad experience with rude visitors at leopard/lion traffic jams -- mostly they were polite and gave everybody a turn!
8. The faithfulness of officials, SAP and others -- I found them everywhere, even at remote sites, at 5 am on lonely roads, looking for *** poachers -- thank you for caring.
9. I did NOT go to tick off animals and chalk up numbers (in fact, I skipped many opportunities to see another pack of wild dogs, another lion sleeping in the grass, leopard in tree, etc just because I was enjoying insect photography), but yes, December is an amazing time to see baby animals... and predators... Lions: 50; leopard: 13; cheetah: 11; wild dogs: 105! Yes, you read correctly! I could have seen 200 if I had followed up all the advice from people... (multiple sightings of pack on different days and different locations!)...
So I am smiling, even in the windy Cape. Smiling at all my stunning pictures. Smiling about the good memories. Getting cold chills when I remember the mad hyena screams and sounds as they crunched up an impala right next to safari tent 314 at Skukuza on Sunday night. Smiling that I could find my wife at least 10 new jumping spiders to photograph. Smiling when I think of the frog choruses after rain. ...
Thank you Kruger. I am still smiling.
God bless,
Friedrich von Hörsten
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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

Unread post by Goronta »

So nice to hear :clap: :clap: :clap:
Thanks Friedrich
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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

Unread post by saraf »

Indeed it isn't Goronta and its wonderful to hear and see people focussing on the positive. Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting report Friedrich, you are making me look forward to my trip in March.
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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

Unread post by Grantmissy »

saraf wrote:you are making me look forward to my trip in March.

Enjoy your upcoming trip Saraf :D :thumbs_up:
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Re: Thank you Sanparks, for caring.

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Love the positives Friedrich :D I will share them with management.
Thanks for posting :thumbs_up: