Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by pietert »

We were there early in 2009 and found a mother and kid *** pair, also lots of birds. Then when we went there in October, it was bone dry. However, we always wait some time just in case something interesting happens, as the Kruger is famous for unexpected surprises.
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Mama fariu
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Mama fariu »

We love Gardenia Hide, for our breakfast stop. In January 2010, we watched a python stalking some plovers right in front of the hide, it eventually came out of the water, and went under the hide. We have seen *** and Giraffe, Impala, and plenty birds over the years. Mama Faru
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Andreas_79 »

I absolutely agree - it is a fantastic hide where one could spent hours. We were lucky to see a crocodile there as well as many birds like pied, malachite and woodland kingfishers.

It will be on our itinerary for 2012 again. :) - Oktober 2011: new photos from my trip to Kenya and the Serengeti.
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by charbel »

This is the list of what we saw in Gardenia Hide when we had been there January 4th 2011. I think it was worthwhile. A place to rest for a while with a nice site to see. As it was the summer, no big animals drinking, but all in all I would come back there.

I give a more detailed description of our experience there in our travel blog, where we are entering now our trip to Kruger:

Impalas (Aepyceros melampus)
1 Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiaca)
2 Blacksmith Lapwings (Plovers) (Vanellus armatus)
1 Crested Francolin (Peliperdix sephaena)
3 Marsh or Helmeted Terrapins (Pelomedusa subrufa)
2 Water Thick-Knees (Dikkops) (Burhinus vermiculatus)
1 Cape Dwarf Gecko (Lygodactylus capensis)

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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Yoda »

I stopped at Gardenia a few times in December. (2012)
Didn't see much, but it had been raining quite a bit, so there must have been puddles all over the veld.

The S119 itself was a very productive road.
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Elsa »

I don't think it will have much water in August unless there have been some significant rain, which is not that likely.

We have also never really seen anything out of the ordinary there, either there is lots of water and the animals will have plenty all over or its bone dry! :wink:
But we do often stop there just to have a stretch of the legs and a cup of coffee. :D
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Bush Baptist »

I once saw a cattle egret and a terrapin at the hide.
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Kaapsedraai »

It is definitely worth a visit as the area around or close to the hide will definitely not disappoint. In June, the water levels might be extremely low to muddy, but buffaloes love this. :dance:

I had some amazing sightings there, but the birdies come very close and just sit and enjoy a few minutes there and you might just get a welcome surprise by some interesting visitors. :thumbs_up:
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by Mauxie »

I agree. I have had several amazing sightings at this hide. Like everywhere else in the park, it's all about timing.

I never miss stopping there. Often including a few visits during my stay, trying to go at different times of the day.
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Re: Gardenia Birdhide (On the S119)

Unread post by leander09 »

That is one of our favorite hides and roads. We have seen lion several times on that road and leopard.

At the hide we have been blocked inside by a group of elephants and last year we saw 2 rhinos drinking at the water hole. It was a lovely sighting.

Definitely a place we will visit end of the month when we are there again.
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