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Topic / Forum locking change

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Hi forumites,

For two of our forums we have now implemented locking facilities on new threads and replies to threads, this is to avoid any issues whereby we have out-of-context threads on sensitive topics or debates we have made a change to the following which will impact you.

If you post on the Forum Indaba and Chill room, in a new thread or reply to a thread - you will not have the rights to edit your post thereafter.

For issues where you have made a mistake in this sensitive areas, please ensure that you "preview" your submission prior to submitting it. If you have issues or errors that you have not addressed, you may contact a moderator or the SANParks E-Business team to amend the topic / post for you.

These two forums are dedicated to sensitive matters and we do not want to have a situation where there is a heated thread and then edits / removals are done to those thereby putting things out of context.

Any questions may be directed to me via PM