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Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site

Agulhas, Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa Karoo, West Coast
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Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site

Unread post by Zatopek » Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:14 pm

Hi there, any body with some feedback on Oom Rickert se Huis campsite in Tankwa? We are not new to the park with 2 previous visits staying at the Elandsberg Cottages, very nice indeed.

We are however planning on going bush :lol: this Easter weekend with our off-road trailer and 4x4. Any pics maybe from fellow campers on the camp site? is there shade trees?

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Re: Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site - Tankwa?

Unread post by Philip1 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:52 pm

:) Hi Zatopak, you can Google it under "Oom Rickert se Huis campsite in Tankwa" :thumbs_up:
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Re: Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site - Tankwa?

Unread post by Zatopek » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:22 pm

We were there for the Easter Weekend, arriving on the Thursday and enjoyed it very much. The quiet surroundings in the "kloof" was heaven and the mountains, well, they spoke to us......... There was no open plains in sight, only the Roggeberg mountains on the one side and more mountains on the other but then again we wanted to experience the kloof as we previously stayed at the Elandsberg Cottages where there are open plains.

On Saturday there was a thunder storm with what felt like a Gail wind afterwards, every thing covered in fine dust and sand. We had no option but to pack up and leave for home at 6 that evening. All the way back to Stellenbosch the wind was blowing profusely. In retrospect it was a good decision to pack up and go.

The camp site has no shade but fresh waster was just 50m away from a borehole that also attracted wild life in the evenings. Just laying and listing to the animal sounds was priceless.

We were fortunate to see amongst others 2 Eland, one with only one horn grazing in a distance and disappearing in the kloof towards the reception offices. I realized that leaving a couple of days early was Tankwa`s way of inviting me back to come and enjoy the areas we missed.

We will most definitely be back!

PS: i tried to upload some photos but i must admit, i am technologically disadvantaged. :mrgreen:

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Re: Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site - Tankwa?

Unread post by RosemaryH » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:27 pm

Hi Zatopek :D Welcome :thumbs_up:

Sounds great :) Would love to see some pics. :popcorn:

Look Here for some direction on how to post a pic :) if you need extra assistance just shout!

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Re: Oom Rickert se Huis Camp Site - Tankwa?

Unread post by okie » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:58 pm

We have reserved a few night's stay at De Zyfer cottage in Tankwa for later this month , just to have a few days of much needed R&R in the Karoo . We have never before been to Tankwa exept for a drive-through from Calvinia to Ceres . Is there anyone who has stayed in this cottage , what's it like , etc ?
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