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Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Leeukos » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:41 pm

I always love staying at Tamboti. However, during my visit last week (2011-07-29), it was the first time in one of the tents where there is no bathroom, and you have to make use of the communal bathroom.

I woke up that night at 01:00 from the noise the honey-badger made trying to find food. That is when I realised that I had to go to the bathroom. It was very cold and also not a big fan of walking that time of the night to a bathroom 60 meters away, I decided to just sweat it out until early morning.

At 04:00 I was woken up again by the honey-badger, now walking on the wooden floor in front of our tent door. That is when I realised for the second time that night, now I HAVE to go.

I waited a few minutes and heard the honey-badger left our stoep, and then grabbed my torch and went for it. I was walking to the bathroom through the thick bushes remembering that they have shot a leopard in the camp about two weeks ago. That is when I started running, not at full speed, as I have delayed the unavoidable since 01:00 also shinning my little torch light in all directions.

After several minutes I was back in bed, out of breath, listening to all the night sounds, just knowing the Scops Owl is laughing at me and shakes it’s head saying ….. “prrrrrrroep” ….. and then the silence….

The next morning, my friends who shared the tent with me, wanted to know why I was running to the bathroom, in which I just replied, "I really had to go... mother nature called".

They also wanted to know then why I was also running back to the tent...
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Bushcraft » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:57 pm

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Leeukos, classic post :clap: :clap: I have done the same at Tambotie :redface: :lol:

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Guinea Pig » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:03 am

Scariest - I had 2.

Walking down from Tshanga lookout and feeling all the hairs on the back of my neck rise.
You know that feeling that you're not alone?
Being watched?
There were 4 of us and we all felt it.
We got to the car in record time.
Probably just a baboon or monkey or something, but still.

Camping in Skukuza right next to the fence.
Woken around one in the morning by a hyena "screaming" right next to the tent - on the wrong side of it, inside camp.
Campers around us agreed that the sound seemed to come from inside the camp.
We never found out if it was true or not.

Funniest or rather embarrassing actually. :redface: :lol:

We stopped at a hyena den not far from Mopani.
This was not with DuQues btw.
I was driving my dad's old Honda Ballade with an immobilizer/alarm that's rather difficult to turn off .
It has to be done with the side of your foot.
The car in front drove away and we wanted to move closer.
I missed the button....

As I started the engine this thing went off and to make it worse it sets off the car's tooter.
The vehicle in front slammed on brakes obviously thinking they'd missed a lion or something. :redface:
How do you explain that to them?

Oh, the hyenas with cubs?
They disappeared rather abruptly into their den.
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by GlenD » Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:16 pm

Guinea Pig wrote:You know that feeling that you're not alone? Being watched?

I experienced that last month when I went for an afternoon drive and stopped at Nwanedzi at about 16H00 or just after.
As I arrived there, the last lot of people were getting into their car and were heading off.
The caretaker, his wife and kid were on their way back to their house and I was basically left on my own. Anyway, not having been to Nwanedzi for some years, I wanted to experience the view and casually took a stroll up the pathway to the lookout.
After some time I realised that I better get going if i wanted to have a slow late afternoon drive along the S100 back to Satara.
As I stood up the realization that I was really on my own started to sink in and the little path back down to the car seemed like a never ending walk.
I really felt like I was being watched lol!!

Another incident was a couple of years ago, we were staying in the safari tents at Skukuza, one that was had its back to the fence, so my bed was essentially about two/three meters from the fence.
I was awakened at about 1am the one morning by Hyena's whooping.
Being one that loves the night sounds I tried my level best to stay awake and listen but my eyelids were winning the fight and i was soon starting to drift off to know that stage where you can feel yourself just starting to drift off......when all of a sudden ...WHHOOO--OOOOP!!!!!! right next to my tent.
I nearly hit the roof with the fright I got. :big_eyes:

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Leeukos » Thu May 31, 2012 7:47 am

In November 2011, Patatjie (my wife), Don Tour Guide (friend) and I went to the Kruger to stay at Skukuza. This was a last minute trip and the only place available was Skukuza.
We decided to enter the park at Malelane gate and drive around in the South until such time that we can book in.
The problem was that a heat wave has hit the Kruger and at 09:15 it was already 34 degrees centigrade.

Now Don Tour Guide has higher education training (a degree of some sorts) in Nature Conservation and hence he got his name from the telling us great stories and facts while in the Kruger.

Then all of a sudden we heard the strangest sound... A Night Owl... at 09:15 in the morning in this heat...

We stopped the car and listened ... there was the sound again... amazing....

We were so impressed to hear the sound of the Night Owl at this time of the day and in this heat.
This must be better than any other sighting...
This is truly unique...

After a few seconds we realized that it was in fact the CD player with a list of bird sounds that played softly in the car...
The sound of the Night OWL was a bit more clearer than the others...

Don Tour Guide lost some points as a proper guide in my opinion.
He still believe that I have set him up as a trick.
"A roaring lion kills no game."
"Until lions start writing down their own stories, the hunters will always be heroes."
"If you kill a tree, you are killing a bird."
“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by normana53 » Thu May 31, 2012 10:48 pm

My funniest was the SO's scariest.
We were south of Satara and watched a lone Hyena walking towards the road, so we stopped and turned off the engine.
The Hyena crossed the road less than a metre in front of the car and then started sniffing around at the side of the car about a metre and a half away, SO had the video camera up to her face saying boy is he close -
all of a sudden she said, roll up the window - ROLL UP THE WINDOW! -
the car was turned off, and the power windows would not move until I turned the key.
She was panicked as the hyena stood about a half metre from her with direct eye contact, still sniffing frantically.
The video is pretty funny as you hear her saying over and over ROLL UP THE WINDOW!
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by tent dweller » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:34 pm

Our scariest experience ever was last year at Mooiplaas picnic site.
It is just after 6.30am, July, we are the only car.
We are standing under the thatch lookout point, we are totally absorbed in what is around us, the smells,the sounds and the bush,
My hubby says quietly to me "I get the feeling that we are being watched",
I am panic stricken to the point of struggling to breathe, my hubby takes our daughters hand and he says that we have had enough and we are moving on,
The walk to the car felt like a never ending hike, when we are back in the car I tell our daughter what her dad told me and she says "I thought I saw a cheetah earlier but I did not want to say something because I wasn't sure"
After I controlled my breathing we just burst out laughing because it could have been a cheetah or cheetahs watching us from the bush somewhere.
Mooiplaas happens to be our favourite picnic site

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by ILove Africa » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:22 pm

Mooiplaas was also the scene of our scariest moment in the park.
When we were on the entrance road we saw a few elephants among the trees.
Once we were at the picnic spot and settled under the thatch roof, we all set about making our breakfast; the children went off to buy a cool drink, husband went to fetch the skottel and defrost the still half frozen bacon and I cracked an ice cold kilkenney (pre no alcohol days) and unpacked the rest of the bag.
There was another family sitting under the thatch too, they were just about finished their breakfast.
I stood looking down into the riverbed and then turned to see what was taking the others so long to come back, only to see them all cowering in terror behind the assistant at the kitchen.
Between me and them were two elephants!
These two were quite calm, browsing the trees as they walked through the picnic area.
They were followed by another much larger bull who was ripping branches off the trees and tossing them around, flapping his ears and kicking up dust.
This elephant mocked charged the assistant who told everyone to get into the bathrooms as this was "a naughty elephant".
The elephant stayed in the picnic area for about 15-20 minutes, displaying pretty aggressive behavior. Eventually he went off in the same direction as the other elephants.
My son took video of the elephant through the bathroom window, it looked fairly hectic as they were much closer than I was.
All through this aggressive behavior, one foreign couple sat calmly at their table, eating their sandwiches!
It was rather funny as my husband emerged from the bathroom still clutching the bacon in his hand.
The assistant later showed us the thatch on one of the bathrooms, apparently this same elephant chased some people into the bathroom a week before then set about trying to rip the roof!

Our funniest moment.
We were camping at Berg n Dal.
My husband moved our car, when he closed the driver door he saw it was going to slam shut and instinctively tried to stop it, only to get his thumb jammed in the door.
It was instantly blue and a big blood blister was forming under the nail.
We tried to drill a hole through the nail with a hot needle, it didn't help, so eventually we decided we needed to go into Malelane to buy a small drill bit to do the job.
We piled the children into the car and set off.
I'm driving and SO has his thumb up in the air, we cruise out the gate and along the road, a little way along the road is a HUGE traffic jamb, lions!
The children have their cameras ready, we wind through the mobs, some with cameras, one with his thumb in the air and cursing under his breath.
After much weaving and quick looks and some thumbs up back, we eventually get through.
Cruising again, around another bend; more cars and a buffalo road block.
More pictures, cursing, thumb in the air, thumbs ups back.
We wait patiently, eventually make it through that lot.
Cruising again, get to the last bend before the T-junction - another jam! Rhinos!
Children with cameras and excitement, husband cursing and getting really agitated - "do we really have to stop!!!"
Weave through this lot, the thumb still up, we get some thumbs up back,
I start laughing. "its not funny!!!"
I can't see the road through my tears.
We get to the junction and turn towards the gate, on a bend up ahead I see more cars!
Leopard lounging in a tree!
Cameras out again, children really happy about this sighting!
We stop to look, he's really close to the road and very calm.
Husband grumbling and getting very annoyed, thumb still in the air, lots of thumbs up back, more laughing and tears.
We weave through the traffic and leave the sighting.
It takes over an hour to get to the gate.
We buy the drill bit at the first hardware we find and drill a hole in the nail, pressure released, husband happier so we set off back to camp.
We enter the gate, leopard has gone, turn down Berg n Dal road, the road is empty!
No cars, no rhino,no buffalo, no lions, nothing.
We get to the camp gate in about 30 minutes!

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by tracytas » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:44 pm

One of the scariest experience we have had in Kruger happened at Muzandenzi picnic spot last June,
we had a very uneventful drive from Satara, so we arrived there very early.
Not another sole to be seen for miles and miles.
The SO and i settled down for a nice breakfast, while we where busy enjoying our brekkie, far in the distance we heard a lion roaring at the top of his voice,
he sounded so far away so i wasn't bothered.
Then, halfway through a piece of toast, we heard them again, this time, much much much closer.
I stood up, with my half eaten piece of toast in my hand, to try and get a better idea on where they were and if a sprint to the car was necessary, to my surprise a Hornbill decided my toast looked good and decided to remove it from my hand, lets just say my SO nearly wet herself at the sight of the little dance i did from the shock.
Lions roared again, even closer. that was the signal that i needed, we packed up in record time (without doing any washing up!!!) and bolted for the safety of the car.

Another shocker was at Letaba, we were staying in the huts right next to the restaurant, enjoying a very satisfying braai, when the SO heard the cry of a thick tailed Bushbaby coming from the trees opposite the path.
Off she goes to investigate, now normally she wont so much as budge without a torch or without me as company, but this time i was busy with the braai, using the torch.
So she decided to venture off on her own, video camera in hand!
After turning the meat i decided to join her armed with the torch and as i pulled up beside her I felt my foot hit something rather solid.
When i looked down, there sat a massive African rock python (must of been at least 4m long!!!) who had (from the evidence in the sand) slithered right past the SO!!!
After much hyper ventilating we managed to figure out that, that was what the bush baby was trying to tell the SO the whole time!,
As the python then decided to make a bee line for the tree that the bush baby was sitting in! needless to say that the SO will never again venture out on her own, or without a torch :D
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by shrew » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:36 pm

Scariest moment for me was when I had a couple and their two kids visiting me from the USA and we stopped at the Nkumbe view point on the H10.
While we where admiring the view I happened to look up at the thatching, and to my utter horror saw a smallish black Mamba seemingly asleep.
What to do, I did not want to alarm anyone, but got them out of the thatched area ASAP with some lame excuse.
Only when I had then in the car did I take my mate back and showed him the TRUTH.
Needless to say all hell broke loose in the car when the truth was revealed.
Another really scary moment ( with the same couple) was been charged by a rather IRATE bull Elephant (from the front) and we could not reverse as the man in an Audi behind us had stalled his car.
We could just sit and @$%$& ourselves, fortunately the Elephant just ended up by trumpeting loudly , blowing dust around and finally rested his trunk on the hood of the car and gave me a real skunk eye.

Funniest has to be when we toured through the park in an old school bus in 1978 and we were dished out with oranges as a treat by the teacher, my brother was peeling his out the window and a baboon jumped up the try and grab the orange, the Baboon miscalculated the jump and instead of grabbing the orange, it grabbed his arm.
All we heard was an almighty shriek from a 10 year old boy with a baboon hanging onto his arm.
Kids are cruel so he was the brunt of the joke for the whole day.

This trip was my most memorable as the tour was with the Drakensberg Boys Choir and we gave an open air concert at Skukuza.
What an experience.

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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Nicolette » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:59 pm

My funniest and scariest happened at the same time.
We were driving to LS from Croc Bridge.
Just past the road to Dukes waterhole on main road a HUGE elephant decided he owned the road. (which he does I guess)
He didn't like any cars so we well behaved people stopped and watched.
To our horror he kept on coming and warning this one car who tried to do a u turn (unsuccessful)
We decided to reverse so we rapidly reversed back down the road and turned into the dirt road.
I said to my friend do you think we are safe enough.
She said take a look, I did behind us were about 5 cars who rapidly had done the same thing.
All of us were a little shaken but I had this mental picture of all these cars reversing up the dirt road.
What we would have done if Ellie had decided to take the dirt road I dread to think,
We carried on and about 5 ks from LS we encountered - yes you guessed another one.
This ellie did not like the black car traveling behind him.
We had great fun reversing (No place to turn) for about 2 ks before his majesty decided to go down to the river.
This last trip I swear we met the same ellie on the LS road to Skukuza doing the same thing.
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Re: Scariest and funniest moments in KNP

Unread post by Linkoe » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:32 am

We just had breakfast at Afsaal and heading back to Berg en Dal husband decided to take a dirt road back.
We see a sign of some sort of memorial so we turn in to have a look & come to a dead end, turn around, still lazy after the breakfast and half asleep husband slams on brakes.
He says hyena, I jump up grab new camera, hyena is eating, zooming and excited about this cool camera that can zoom so close I start taking photo's like crazy, we hear the bones break as he is eating then the next moment something jumps up right in front of me, I screamed, jumped back right onto my husband.
He was like what? but cant see anything.
5 min later the Leopard reappeared
That zoom really did make it seem like he was jumping right at me sitting at the open window :big_eyes:

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Re: Worst experience in the Kruger??

Unread post by Sheenaugh-Lee » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:18 pm

stelliegp123 wrote:My son, not even 1 year old, reacted very badly on the Malaria tablets..

On our last day we exit the park at Crocodile bridge... We handed our permit and as we drove off he decided to throw up.. Over everything, including his mother.

We were on no mans land, as we just exit the gate. ALL our clothes was packed right at the bottom of the trailer....


We ender up doing a bath the baby in the basin at the gate. He had a fever of 39 and we needed to break that.

Overseas visitors came in to the ablution block and couldnt understand what and why we were doing.... Trying to explain to them that he was very sick and we needed to break the fever, the one girl asked me if the park have showers in the camps, or is this the cleaning method.......

Is this the cleaning method LMAO that is classic :D
Im still In LOVE with my Kruger!

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Re: Worst experience in the Kruger??

Unread post by JeanniR » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:57 pm

Amazing how Kruger has given every single family that has ever gone there a memory.. whether it is good, sad or a bit scary. It`s something none of us will ever forget. :D
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Re: Worst experience in the Kruger??

Unread post by Lobotes » Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:22 pm

Going on a late evening Game Drive from Skukuza and have the driver fall asleep, not make a corner and drive off the road and into the bush. I was on side of vehicle and first I knew was when a branch smacked me in the face. Fortunately no major damage other than to the drivers pride.

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