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Spring in the Garden Route Parks: Most inspiring spots??

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Spring in the Garden Route Parks: Most inspiring spots??

Unread post by BraveWings » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:09 am

What are the most inspiring spots in the Garden Route Parks in the spring (September)? Please share your opinion, where and why? :gflower:

I need help as I've read and researched a ton but I'm having trouble narrowing down our choices for our trip to South Africa in spring 2013 (September). We will spend about 17 nights in the Western the Cape Parks & the Garden Route parks. We wanted to see Addo Elephant National Park as well but I don't think we can possibly get that far.

We are flying out of San Diego or Los Angeles, California and into Cape Town. We are a poet and a biologist. We are both looking to be inspired by spring in the Western Cape! Also hoping for warm weather if we are lucky.

Thanks for your opinions and tips. I should add that while my husband could hike all day, I can only hike for a couple hours due to some current feet issues, which may or may not improve by the time of our trip. We'd like to stay near some of the best national parks, and do some easy walks together. Then I'll write poetry in our accommodation while my husband takes off on his own for some longer hikes.

My interests are inspiring scenery, penguins, good food, people & culture. My husband's specific interests are tortoises, reptiles, native stands of wildflowers, and rare and interesting native plants (fynbos etc.).

Thanks for your opinions or tips!

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Re: Spring in the Garden Route Parks: Most inspiring spots??

Unread post by gjorgi » Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:05 pm

Hi BraveWings! Why nobody has replied yet is beyond me!! :-) hehehe. Unfortunately I am not an expert on the Garden Route or any of the western cape parks. I can, however, recommend that you visit the penguin colony at Boulders....probably about 1hour from the Cape Town Int Airport. Sanparks did a great job in making the arae tourist friendly without disturbing the penguins natural habitat and behaviour. You will get really close to the Jackass penguins without really disturbing them as humans are part of their life now. Great sightings, photos and poetic beauty to be seen there ;-). Send me a private message if you need accommodation close by the penguin colony in Boulders, I have the perfect accommodation. Stayed there myself about 2 weeks ago.

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Re: Spring in the Garden Route Parks: Most inspiring spots??

Unread post by ladylucy » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:11 am

Hi Bravewings, just seen your post. I'm sure you can make it to storms river mouth np then up to addo. While at Cape town you must take a trip to Hermanus where you will see masses of southern right whales at that time of the year when they come into Walker Bay to calve. Heermanus is just about one and a quarter hours drive from Cape Town. I'm sure some of the mites that live on the Garden route will hwlp wwll help with mileages etc. Hope you enjoy your trip.

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Re: Spring in the Garden Route Parks: Most inspiring spots??

Unread post by Leaping Lizards » Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:58 am

Hi there Bravewings.

If you are going to be in Cape Town in September, then the West Coast National Park is a must. It is an hour's drive north of Cape Town. Its Spring Flowers time of year, and it can be done in a one day trip. The flowers only bloom in August and September, and the views of the lagoon are breathtaking from the Postberg side, which is only open during August and September.

Enjoy the trip.
September/October - Shimuwin, Letaba, Olifants, Talamati and Satara :P

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