Heritage File 3 (I think!): The Law!!!

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Heritage File 3 (I think!): The Law!!!

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Few people realise that the heritage of South Africa is protected by various sets of legislation, especially the South African Heritage Resources Act, Act 10 of 1999.

On of the most powerful sections of this Act deals with the requirement to do a heritage impact assessment for most developements. The purpouse of such an assessment is to:
1. Identify all heriage objects, sites and structures located within the footprint of a developement.
2. Assess the significance of these cultural resources.
3. Describe the possible impact of the proposed developement on them.
4. Propose suitable mitigation measures.

This process also forms part of the EIA process dealt with by the National Environmental Management Act, Act 107 of 1998.

Heritage Impact asssessments are required for the following proposed developements:
1. Linear Developement exceeding 300m (roads, walls, etc)
2. Bridge, etc over 50m in length.
3. Areas over 5000 square meter
4. Rezoning of areas exceeding 10 000 square meters
5. And various other categories.

Also required for the demolition and alteration of structures older than 60 years.

Please be cautious of this legislation when planning HR activities in the National Parks!