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Table Mountain National Park re-opens Cecilia Car Park

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Table Mountain National Park re-opens Cecilia Car Park

Unread post by SANParks:CapeCluster » Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:50 pm

Table Mountain National Park today re-opened the newly reinstated Cecilia Car Park. The popular car park, along Rhodes Drive, provides visitor access to Cecilia plantation. It was closed in January this year due to the commercial harvesting of pine trees in the surrounding plantation.

The car park was closed for the better half of the year so as to safe-guard visitors whilst plantation trees were being harvested and the car park re-instated. The Park appointed a landscape architect, Clare Burgess, who worked collaboratively with local stakeholders and partners to design a user and eco-friendly landscape plan for the reinstatement of the car park.

It now provides for 50 cars to park in designated bays between planted beds of fynbos shrubs and indigenous shade trees. Restoration of the slopes surrounding the car park is underway for the gradual regrowth of the indigenous granite fynbos and iconic silver trees.

Funding for the project was sourced from South African National Parks (SANParks) Park Development Fund for the re-surfacing of the car park. Landscaping was funded through grant funds from Pioneer Foods and the labour provided by National Government’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) teams.

The EPWP teams, from the Dept. of Environmental Affair’s Social Responsibility Project, worked on the car park re-instatement project, footpath upgrades and fynbos restoration of the surrounding slopes.

“The re-opening of the Cecilia Car Park has been long awaited, both by users and park management. The upgrade that was undertaken here recognizes Cecilia as a popular gateway to the park; but moreover it recognizes the significant role that Cecilia played in the tree debate” Paddy Gordon, Table Mountain National Park, Park Manager.
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Cecilia Forest car park tariff

Unread post by unsecluded » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:47 pm


I have as of this year started going for walks in Cecilia Forest and subsequently park in the designated parking area at the junction of Hohenhort and Rhodes Drive.

The first time i parked there, i noticed a Wendy house security checkpoint. I asked the security if there was any fee and he affirmed a rate of R10.

The following week i had arrived, there was a different security person. I inquired where the other person was and was told he started working at 11am. Out of curiosity i asked what the fee was and he replied R5.

Since then i've paid attention to others parking, who simply walk through without payment. I proceeded to do the same and have never since been stopped by security requiring payment.

The last time i went, after returning from my walk and upon exiting the parking area, the same security guard i initially encountered stopped my car and informed me that there's a flat rate of R10.

I dont mind paying the rate if there actually is a tariff required. Im curious though as i would have expected there to be some signage indicating a parking fee. Im also interested to know why it seems as though some who are parking are not charged?

Please advise

Thank you

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Re: Cecilia Forest car park tariff

Unread post by Bush Baptist » Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:04 pm

Welcome to the forum unsecluded.

I would ask for a receipt with the amount on it before I parted with any cash.

Reminds me of the story of a chap who was on duty at a parking area for years and years and everybody paid up willingly. One day he was no longer there and there was nobody to collect the fee. Somebody rang the council to ask what was the procedure now and were told that there had never been a charge for parking there.

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Re: Cecilia Forest car park tariff

Unread post by gorillapower » Sun May 13, 2012 10:39 am

I have been going to Cecila Forest for a few years and never had to pay anything to get in or out.

Now there has been a new car park development there and some tree felling. Fine all good. But now I get harrased by a guy, who stands at the exit saying its R10 for parking. What? Where is the sign or some sort of notification saying there is a tariff involved? His argument is that it is private property owned by SANParks and they have a right to charge for parking.

Sorry but I got a bit frustrated when all of sudden, a guy with a sanparks badge asks for money, obviously I am a bit skeptical. I informed him that next time, I will park on the opposite side of the road, and not take up his valuable parking space.

I stand to be corrected but if there is a tariff I will be a bit frustrated with the fact that the public were not properly informed.

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Re: Cecilia Forest car park tariff

Unread post by Lesego » Mon May 14, 2012 3:07 pm

Have forwarded this to TMNP for you and will post here with a response soon.
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Re: Cecilia Forest car park tariff

Unread post by gorillapower » Tue May 22, 2012 8:17 am

Hi Guys,

I have received a response from SANPARKS,

Thank you for your email enquiry below, the car guards at Cecilia Car Park are volunteers that rely on the tips of users in Cecilia to earn a living. There is a great need for a presence at the car park because there have been cars broken into in the past with no presence and in return the volunteers are offering a service to the users of the car park.
At the car guard hut, there is a notice that does not specify a charge for cars but appeals to the car park users to give something towards the volunteers who look after their vehicles. I have attached the notice to this email. There have been several occasions where the car guards have been at Cecilia for long hours, with the car park full but cannot raise enough money for a taxi fare home and that frustration could have led the car guard to ask for money, this is not condoned but understandable. A meeting was held with the guards to discuss them not asking for money from the car park users.

So there is not charge to use the carpark but tips are appreciated.

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