Dropbox - a quick and easy way to share photos

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Dropbox - a quick and easy way to share photos

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Posting photos is something that defeats a lot of the less technical people. No problem, but a shame as some of those photos you really want to see.
Also it is simply not possible to post all the photos you would really like to show.

There is an easy, free, solution: Dropbox!

Here is an example, 161 photos from our last visit:
http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/65988944 ... e?h=fe117b

This has extra nice things, like easily and securely sharing files with spouses or friends, or just locations. And can be used to store scans of passports, reservations, flight details and all other kinds of documents you want to have handy in case you misplace them. Not something unhandy when travelling, like for instance to Golden Gate. Or Kruger, the Kgalagadi, etc.

How does it work for photos?
Just install Dropbox on your PC. Make sure you use a really good password for it if you will use it for other reasons too!

Now you will have a folder called Dropbox, probably in My Documents, depending on what you said during installation.
In that folder there is a folder called Photos.

Now process your photos as usual, resize them so they are not too large. All the normal things.
Then in the folder Photos create a folder with a descriptive name, and put the finished photos in them.
Dropbox will synchronise the photos with their service automagically. And they will be available on any other machine with internet connection.

But the nice thing we are about is this: Go to https://www.dropbox.com/home
That will bring you to your home folder. Click through to Photos, and then the Gallery you created. When you open that you will see all your photos,
At the top of the page, just left of the Search box is a little triangle. Clicked it will show a link to Gallery.
Just click it, and you will see thumbnails of the first page og your photos. More importantly it also shows a box called "Share this gallery with friends"

Copy that link, and place it in a post here. Everyone will be able to see your photos!