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Crit some of Timbo's work

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Re: Crit some of Timbo's work

Unread post by timbo » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:15 pm

Scottm wrote:Hi Timbo

I briefly reviewed your site and note that you have some great pictures there. Some have raised the issue of some of them being "dark" and sombre and on this front, I would suggest that you try the following.... change the background of your blog from black to white (or at least a lighter colour) and see if that changes the perception of your work and the blog in general. I suspect that the dark background of the page creates the impression that your photos are dark, at least it does for me..... There is enough darkness in the world today... lighten it a bit :tongue:

keep going at it


I've changed it to white
I try my best and that's what matters I hope.

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