We should not be posting *** sightings

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Re: We should not be posting *** sightings

Unread post by Dotty »

New announcement on this subject here
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Re: We should not be posting *** sightings

Unread post by bert »

Please remember that rhinos are territorial, so if a poacher or helper visits the forum a pinpoint location wont be the best.
Still remember a white *** just near Afsaal
(always found it sleeping)
But say for eg. on my route to Satara from Orpen saw 2 white *** wont do much harm

The request, or rule, if you want, is here for a specific reason.
Could be that poacher syndicates do not watch the forum or FB, but rather safe then sorry.
We must do our bit to protect and help SANParks
The mods are not going to bully into a thread but we might decide to remove specific locations.
And will PM the poster first to remove his/her specific *** location
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Re: We should not be posting *** sightings

Unread post by GrahamF »

As in any "war" the less info in the public domain the better.

*** poachers are not just running around aimlessly looking for *** or their spoor - they have intelligence from somewhere as a starting point.
In its crudest form poachers have intelligence regarding the farms and reserves (ie: Kruger) where *** can be found and they got that somewhere.
Be it a crooked employee, the SAN Parks website or another source .
Even when using helicopters, poachers deploy these in very specific locations - they know *** are in the area.
The point being - intelligence info is required to poach *** on this scale and practically forum members and park visitors can only help stop a few possible or potential sources of that intelligence - sightings boards, trip reports, word of mouth etc.
So lets do it - if it saves one *** now or in the future then well done to all.

If sightings boards don't help in narrowing the search for *** then taking *** off them won't affect tourists at all.