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Ukwilt in KNP : March 2006

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Ukwilt in KNP : March 2006

Unread post by UKWILT » Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:38 pm

We recently made our 4th visit to KNP (19/03/2006 - 27/03/2006), having decided to look at the south we booked for 3 nights at Berg-En-Dal, 2 nights at Lower Sabie and 2 nights at Pretoriuskop.
We entered by the Numbi gate and the first thing we noticed was how lush the park was and with the grass so high realised that game sightings would be at a premium.
Overall there was plenty of game across the areas we visited, although we noticed that there was alot of game down near Crocodile Bridge and wondered if this was connected to the fact that CB gate was closed.
Our first couple of days was a holiday weekend so the roads were very busy, but from Tuesday onwards it was reasonably quiet.

Sunday: Troop of Baboons by H3 initially only tails in the air were visible above the level of the grass.
Buffalo herd(200+) by S120 which originally looked like rocks in the grass until their heads popped up from eating.
During braai joined by Genet looking for titbits, but soon moved off.

Monday:W Rhino by S114, took one look at us and shot of into bush.
Lioness with 2 cubs at Timfenheni bridge(usual car jam with about 20 vehicles) on H3.
2 lioness resting on riverbank by S119, with only a couple of cars for company.
Sunset drive Ellies, W Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe, Several Puff Adders, Impala and many Owls sitting in the road.
Dinner in the restuarant very good. Loud thunderstorm and heavy rain which caused power failure in camp.

Tuesday:S110 sand W Rhino and Giraffe together close to road, but Rhino hiding behind bushes.
Chameleon in the middle of H3, we stopped and soon had half a dozen other cars all looking at him.
Plenty of Kudu all over today.

Wednesday: 3 W Rhino at roadside of H3, nice quiet view with only 1 other vehicle until safari jock arrived and decided to pull straight in front of us. Considerate drivers that they are.

Thursday:Sunrise drive south of LS, Ellies, Rhino(family on track, baby spooked by Wildebeast), Spotted Hyena(4), Buffalo(herd 200), Corey Bustard, Zebra, Impala.
3 Southern ground hornbill
3 Lion on S128 walking towards us then just sat down and did what lions do best, nothing. No other cars so a peaceful 10 minutes with the king of the beasts.
Spotted Hyena further down S128 walking of into the bush with a purpose.

Friday: Maribou Stork(50+) on sandbank in middle of river at Skukuza low bridge.
4 Lichtenstein's hartebeest in the distance near Shitlahave dam.
The antics of Vervet, Dwarf Mongoose, Tree Squirrel, Imapla and Baboon in camp gave good entertainment.

Saturday: On the S65 a Leopard walked away along N riverbank, gone in 15 seconds, then Lion at N Waterhole sitting in the shade doing nothing as usual.
Dark Chanting Goshawk sitting next to the road on the H1-1, surprising how many people drive straight on when they find out it is only a bird.
Family herd of Sable, 5 adults + 2 young, in the valley south of the S14.

Sunday:In view of driving back to JHB via Malelane gate today decided to stick to the tar.
H1-1 , 3 Cheetah on road near Shitlhave D with half a dozen cars and 52 seater coach in attendance, only when vehicles coming towards the Cheeteahs did they leave the road and decide to climb a tree.
H1-1 Dwarf mongoose colony had taken over a termite mound as their highrise home, with heads poping out all over the place.
We left via Malelane gate and were intrigued to see 4 Warthogs rooting around the toilet block as when we come across them elsewhere in the park they seem to run off at the sight of a vehicle.

We saw many birds even though we were only in the birdless south, but our recognition skills need improving. There were many Rollers, European bee-eater, various Kingfisher, Fish-eagles at nearly every piece of standing water and a number of Raptors.
We are already looking forward to our next visit.

There are some photo's on the following link.

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