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Lizard: Bushveld - Heliobolus lugubris

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Lizard: Bushveld - Heliobolus lugubris

Unread post by Jakkalsbessie » Wed May 03, 2006 9:03 am

The adults have a light grey-brown to red-brown dorsal colour with vague dark crossbars and three pale parallel stripes on the back, one of which extends onto the light brown tail.

The hatchlings, in contrast, have a jet-black body with a series of white to pale yellow spots which in time will fuse into lines.
The tail is usually pale reddish-brown and matches the groundcover. The distinctive juvenile pattern and the strange movement behaviour are unknown in other lizards. When the youngster move around they adopt what is known as a ‘high-walk’.

It walks jerkily, on stiff legs, lifting the body off the ground while arching the body and dragging the tail along the ground. But when it is frightened the youngster reverts to more typical lizard movement and darts of at a remarkable speed.
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