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Advice about a chameleon

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Advice about a chameleon

Unread postby Nick_14 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:09 am

Just over a year ago while walking in the middle of a pine plantation I came across a Cape Dwarf Chameleon who was trying to make its way across the pine needles and was fairly close to starving to death. It was the first chameleon I'd seen in about 12 years and didn't want it to die so I picked it up and took it home. We get a lot of starlings, crows and shrikes in the garden but my father and sister are keen on orchids and the like so I released the chameleon into our covered garden. It's still living happily in the covered garden. The family check on it regularly to make sure it's getting enough food which doesn't seem to be a problem. I saw it yesterday trying to get some sun and it seemed fine. In summer it's proved very useful because we bring it into the kitchen sometimes and it eats all the fly's for us.

My concern is that Cape Dwarf Chameleons are so rare now that having one in my garden by itself means that I'm removing it from the gene pool and ultimately making them even more rare because my one will never breed.

If I release it back into the wild it is probably more likely to be killed by something else before it finds a mate. I was thinking that I should try to find more chameleons if I can (not taking them from the wild but checking with gardening services and landscapers) and establish a small colony in my garden? Since my garden seems to be able to supply their food needs and keep them away from predators this seems like a good option to me. Is there any reason I shouldn't take this course of action?

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Re: Advice about a chameleon

Unread postby barryels » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:40 am

Dear Nick_14,

I will send your request through to SANParks PR and will post the reply here.
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