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Credit card payments

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Re: Credit card payments

Unread post by stevenjm » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:20 pm

Wild one wrote:Good day

I registered yesterday to make online bookings. I made the booking and entered my credit card details to make the payment. I received an error message and tried again this morning. It still didn't work and I received a message to phone the reservations office. The lady assisted me and then asked for my credit card details she also wanted my CVV number. I am very uncomfortable about it and would like to know if it is standard practice to supply your CVV number when booking your accommodation. I have no problem when paying online as I know it is encrypted and secure.

What guarantee do I have that my details supplied is secure?

Hi Wild one,

Firstly, I have taken a look at the audit logs for the attempts you have made to pay online and have sent you a pm regarding that. However, with regards to the CVV number when booking the accommodation. The call center agents do not store your details (credit card details), it is processed there and there while you are on the line. However, security is a concern in today's age and like Crested Val says, it is your choice to not provide it if you feel unsure.

If you want, you can use the information provided in the pm to contact your bank to establish what the issue is from that side, and then make a payment online when its resolved.

If you have any questions further, please contact me

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fish- eagle
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Re: Credit card payments

Unread post by fish- eagle » Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:36 pm

stevenjm wrote:
fish- eagle wrote:Also have the same problem with the credit card payment ( from the Netherlands). Also a message to phone. But if you make a booking in the evening or weekend you cannot phone. The booking is cancelled then after 2 hours and you have nothing. it's a unfriendly system like this especially when you want to book for Kgalagdi where accommodation is gone so quickly :wall:
Always used the online bookings and never had this problem, so I hope they will do something about it :hmz:
Regards, Linda

Hi Linda,

I have had a look at the audit logs, the only payment attempt that I can find for your account is for the 2nd October and that was a successful online payment, if you have any other attempts on another account, please drop me that client code or username via pm and I will investigate that for you.


Sent you a PM with the information. Thank you for looking at it. Regards, Linda

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Re: Credit card payments

Unread post by fish- eagle » Fri Oct 09, 2015 4:41 pm

kite wrote:Security is a concern, but a credit card payment over the phone is so convenient and instantly confirms the booking!
I have always used a credit card to pay the deposit and final payment at various Sanparks offices.
In more recent years I have used many of the satellite offices, in Jhb, Pta, C.T., Nelspruit and Stellenbosch, just whichever one I get through to first when I want to make a booking.
I have a deposit due soon and will use a credit card phone payment again unless there have been any problems?

Hi Kite,
:hmz: With online bookings you have to pay the whole amount at the same time. When creditcard payment is not working, you can't make a booking in the evening or weekend. Regards.

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Re: Credit card payments

Unread post by xmarksthespot » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:45 pm

I think the online booking system is great when it works but it can be a bit flaky and erratic in my experience.

The issue for most people is what happens when things go wrong. This can be a particular concern for people booking from overseas who may be in a different time zone and/or who may not wish to incur the expense of an international telephone call to resolve problems.

My own experience is mixed.

Earlier this month, I made a successful credit card booking for cabins at Kgalagadi using SanParks online booking system. I later had to change the booking dates slightly and was successfully able to do this via the same system. Great! - especially as I'm in the UK, it avoids having to call South Africa, bookings are instant and email confirmation follows.

Late last Friday night however, using the same credit card, I tried to make a 2-night booking at Augrabies Falls campsite. On submitting the booking request the page went blank, the "timer" kept rotating, accompanied by a message in the bottom left-hand corner (contacting or similar). After almost an hour (yes, really) I was returned to a Sanparks screen bearing the message "System Error" in red. I went back to check the online availability in calendar month view and noted the campsite availability had decremented by 1 for my dates. In theory it could have been someone else who had booked the exact same as me at the same time - but that would have been too much of a coincidence. It was after midnight by now so I went to bed with a view to investigating next day and/or trying again and/or waiting for Sanparks reservations staff to appear on Monday. While I was asleep the email booking confirmation came through! My bank also later confirmed a payment had been taken.

Today (Sunday) I tried to make a booking for Richtersveld Park (De Hoop 2 nights, Sendelingsdrif 1 night). It appeared to fail at the 3D-secure stage though this wasn't clear. The SanParks site again had an error message, this time "Payment error 1066". Once again I check availability and it has been decremented for my locations and dates. Also, a pop-up box under "Existing Reservations" alerts me that some booking(s) cannot be displayed. My bank tell me no payment has been taken. I have emailed web reservations and will be interested in their response (which I'll append here as appropriate).

So, if you're making an online booking, I'd suggest:
1. Appreciate that Sanparks online res system may not be as robust as other res systems you may have used.
2. Check and note the capacity and availability before you book of what you're booking, e.g. if you're booking a campsite in Augrabies Falls for this Friday and Saturday check how many spaces are available before you book. If there's some sort of error then re-check the availability afterwards, as the booking may actually have got through. (I accept that the reduction in availability could be due to someone else's booking but it's a useful if crude check nonetheless).
3. Don't expect any online reservations support out of South African office hours, but drop them an email if you have problems and they'll hopefully look at it for you with the urgency you'd expect.

Online booking is almost expected everywhere these days but for many accommodation providers it is still a big step forward and some can struggle with the technology and the processes and resources needed to support it.

What are other forumites views on Sanparks online booking system? For example, might increased hours of support (at weekends, say) or webchat support be useful? (assuming a business case to finance these could be made).

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Re: Credit card payments

Unread post by arthas » Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:12 pm


xmarksthespot wrote:What are other forumites views on Sanparks online booking system? For example, might increased hours of support (at weekends, say) or webchat support be useful? (assuming a business case to finance these could be made).

I used to the online booking system to book camps and activities in Kruger, and it actually seemed a very robust system to me (better than many others). So, my experience is absolutely positive with SANParks online booking, even though I understand other people had problems with that.


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