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Chairperson's Annual Report : 2013 - SHR Virtual Region

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Chairperson's Annual Report : 2013 - SHR Virtual Region

Unread post by DinkyBird » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:13 am

Chairman’s report – Virtual Region, 2013.

It gives me great pleasure to present the Chairperson’s 2013 Annual Report for the Virtual Region of the SANParks Honorary Rangers.

1. Contribution to SANParks:

The region continues to grow well in both membership and in direct and indirect contribution to SANParks.

The region is currently made up of a membership of 21; five Applicants (Supporters), and 16 Honorary Rangers. This is a growth in numbers of just over 24% for the past year on year.

The role of the Virtual Region is to facilitate fund raising and projects initiated by the SANParks Forum members and by the SANParks Facebook groups; also to assist the SANParks Forum community with information or technical issues on the forums, and to also assist SANParks E Biz department in managing the Forums. Members of the region are not only active on the forums, but do duty in the National Parks and assist SANParks in other ways.

• For year 2012 members of the region spent 8632 hours doing productive duty on the SANParks forums (2011 = 8522)
• For the first 10 months of 2013, these hours total 7676
• The total direct and indirect contribution of the region for 2012 was R2 204 130.00 (2011 was R1 709 460.00)
• As at end of October 2013, for the current year, this stands at R2 093 536.00

2. Regional funds:

Monies raised under the umbrella of the region by efforts of the SANParks forum members:
• Totalled R155942.00 for the 2012 year. (R125000.00 for the 2011)
• As at end of October 2013, this figure stands at R31 706.00 (Oct 2012 = R153369.00)

All monies received are spent on the specific project that they are donated/raised for. Admin costs are covered by membership fees paid by the VHRs, and interest received on the bank account.

As at end of 2012 year the region held the following funds:
    Tsammaland:- R 936.29
    Christmas Drive:- R 100.00
    Mobile Webcam:- R 12 887.50
    Kids to Parks:- R 53 036.58
    Anti Poaching:- R 36 432.10
    Stiffnecks:- R 307.50
    E-Biz (Cam maintenance):- R 120.00

As at end of October 2013 the region holds the following funds:
    Regional Funding (unallocated deposits):- R 2 620.00
    Tsammaland:- R 936.29
    KTP Cricket (Welkom School):- R9 896.00
    Christmas Drive:- R 100.00
    Mobile Webcam:- R 16 347.50
    Kids to Parks:- R 18 956.58
    Anti Poaching:- R 2 232.0
    Stiffnecks:- R-480.00
    E-Biz (Cam maintenance):- R 2 370.00

3. Update on projects committed to in 2012 Annual Report:

An amount of R31 000 has been committed to taking children from very poor and very remote areas to Augrabies National park as part of their Kids to Augrabies programme.
R25350.00 was paid towards this project – please read more here - Far Schools Project

An amount of R10 000 to support the Kids to Bontebok programme, which will resume next year, by buying a tent to facilitate the activities.
R10 200.00 was paid for a tent bought for this project. Feedback will be published on the forum soon.

An amount of R40 000 to assist with an items of highly specialised communication equipment in KNP as per the Wish List. This is a project being done in conjunction with Johannesburg South HR region.
The money was paid over. Feedback will be published on the forum soon.

4. Forum initiatives and fund raisers conducted during 2013

There is an ongoing sale of Stiffnecks merchandise, of which a percentage of the profit is paid over to the Virtual Region. Thank you to Bush Baptist for the work he does on this project - link

The sum of R 2 671.00 was raised by the Silent Auction held at the Cricket@Kgalagadi 2013 event - link

The sum of R6225 was raised by the Online Auction of a cricket items for the Cricket@Kgalagadi 2013 project.

We are very excited about the Come to Africa project launched in USA. In a short time, apart from creating awareness across the globe of the plight of the Rhino in SANParks, the initiative has raised R30 000 towards anti poaching, with a further R10 000 pledged. Watch the SANParks forums for more information on this exciting project!

The Success Academy Business Breakfast was attended by approximately 100 Executives from various companies. The overall response from the people who attended the event was very positive; and Rhino Ambassador, Alyssa Carter, from Save the Rhinos, stole the show! link

The mobile webcam project and auctions of Sharifa’s beautiful works to raise funds for the mobile webcam and webcam maintenance were well supported and we thank Lionspoon, Duke Ellieton and Sharifa for their hard work. link and an example of one of the five works Sharifa donated link

A very successful Photo Competition is currently being run on the SANParks forums. Five hundred and sixty entries were received, and we thank Morkel Erasmus and Eric Reisinger for assisting in narrowing the field down to a final five in the categories which are now up for the forum members to vote for the winners.

The Facebook Community - SANParks Kruger National Park, donated two bicycles to the rangers at Crocodile Bridge, one specifically for Daniel at the Hippo Pools to use. link

A very successful ‘Coffee morning’ project was born in the UK where R1600 was raised. link The project touched forum members who call themselves the ‘Wellingtoners’ who then held their own local flavour of the project and raised R33400 for anti poaching! Read more here

Although the Virtual Region is made up of a group of Honorary Rangers, and this report is a formal report on the region’s activities, the energies and hard work that goes into the projects and fund raising reported on is not done by the region’s members alone. It is a communal enterprise which involves the passion, labours and generosity of many members of the SANParks forums. To each and every forum member who has been involved in some way, be it running projects, keeping lists, promoting, donating, (the list goes on and on), over the past year, a heartfelt thank you – without you, none of the above would be possible.

5. General

A very proud moment for the region and the SANParks forum community was when the region was announced winner of the Region of the Year Award at the SHR Indaba in May 2013. And at the prestigious SANParks Kudu Awards, held on 1 November 2013, the Virtual Honorary Rangers won a Kudu Award in the category Community Contribution to Conservation for their efforts in nature conservation issues and contribution to SANParks through fundraising and support of Environmental Education programmes. link

Taking a look at what the region has achieved in the past 10 months, and in the previous three years, we, as a forum community, can be proud. We are making a difference.

To our Park Manager, Nedret Saidova, thank you for all your constant support, wisdom and guidance. It was your vision that has resulted in this region.

To my fellow RMC members, who quietly work hard behind the scenes, thank you for your steadfast support this past year. And to the two ladies who have assisted the RMC with administration duties, thank you.

To all the VHRs, you guys are amazing, thank you for all you do and have done to assist building up the region and supporting the members online, and all this is done unconditionally. All the efforts listed in this report would not have materialised if it were not for the hard work of the members of this region. Each of you brings a unique quality to the region, and together this makes a pretty amazing group and this report is reflective of that. Members of the region

May you all have a peaceful, happy and restful holiday and Festive Season.
- Dalene

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Re: Chairperson's Annual Report : 2013 - SHR Virtual Region

Unread post by SANParks » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:32 pm

Phenomenal contribution as always and a privilege for a nature conservation body like SANParks to have such well structured support like the Honorary Rangers!

Thank you to all of you who manifested these projects and worked tirelessly behind the scenes. In a previous post I described how proud we are that the VHRs received the Kudu Award in this year.

Wishing you all happy holidays, and a prosperous 2014! :gflower:
Nedret Saidova
Senior Manager: E-Business, SANParks

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Re: Chairperson's Annual Report : 2013 - SHR Virtual Region

Unread post by Boorgatspook » Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:31 pm

Well done to each and everyone for making a difference! :clap: :clap:

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