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The SANPARKS FORUM cricket weekend needs your help.

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The SANPARKS FORUM cricket weekend needs your help.

Unread post by Mafuta B » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:13 pm

As some of you may be aware (and others maybe not) we have our annual forum cricket weekend.
This year we are hosting the event in Kgalagadi. Yep.. Cricket in the red sand.


The event aims to raise funds for a school in Welkom (Just outside Twee Revieren Camp.) The aim is to build a data / training center for the community.

Now it has been a tradition over the last seven years that several "challenges" are placed on the event and folks will then in good spirit donate or pledge something if the challenges are met.

One of the oldest standing challenges is the "Thick Knee Challenge" Basically this involves a member of the Forum team being injured at the cricket. (ie getting smacked against the head, knee, groin etc and having the mark or bruise to prove it).

Guys please have a look at the thread and see if you would like to pledge something to the event.

The thread is here.

You are more than welcome to throw in your own challenge as long as it falls within family parameters as this is a family event... (family parameters are open for discussion based on the yellow mankini challenge that is already there.

It is said that some of the locally brewed "juices" makes one see a Darth Vader character in the dunes. Go and have a look at the challenges and do your part to make this a massive success.

Have a look and PLEASE support this worthy cause guys.
At the end of it all you don't want to go into the grave peacefully and quietly in well preserved body... You want to go sort off skidding in sideways, full of bruises and scratches saying: "Man what a ride!!!"

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